Top 10 Fear Factory Songs

Fear Factory…one of the most unique metal bands out there. Their combination of heaviness with industrial/computerised effects has created some of the best music I’ve ever heard.

10 songs for any band that first released an album in 1992 is going to be hard. I have left off a lot of songs & there is no room for anything off Digimortal, for example.


10 – Archetype (Archetype – 2004)

Coming from one of the albums that didn’t involve the band founder Dino Carezes, Archetype is a hidden gem of a song on an album made up of so-so songs. It is a seriously heavy song while utilising Burtons range wonderfully. His voice just soars here & it is a pity we are unlikely to ever hear this song live.

9 – New Messiah (The Industrialist – 2012)

Modern Fear Factory is producing some of their best music you’ll ever hear & New Messiah is proof of that. Thumping drums with the almost synthetic sounding guitars…this is a heavy Fear Factory song. As unrelenting as it is Burton’s clean vocals lift the song even higher in quality when the chorus kicks in.

8 – Descent (Obsolete – 1998)

If the opening riff doesn’t grab your attention initially the drums kicking in will. It is a slower song that builds with a spoken word style before leading into Burton’s trademark soaring vocals. It’s got epic written all over it…

7 – Demanufacture (Demanufacture – 1995)

That opening…it’s crushingly heavy & you’re on edge waiting for it to kick in. You can hear first album inspired vocals from Burton here but with that industrial sound that Fear Factory has made their own. Just when you think you know what’s coming next the song throws in this wonderful synth effect that just is such a wonderful curveball.

6 – Final Exit (Mechanize – 2010)

I wanted to put this higher, I really did. I love this song so much but the songs that come after are better. This is an 8 minute classic from Fear Factory that puts death at the front of the lyrical content & gives Burton C Bell voice centre stage. It’s bouts of pure heaviness (that shouting section) with soulful singing makes this one hell of a journey…my soouuuul.

5 – Shock (Obsolete – 1998)

Burton screams ‘Shock’ while the drums & guitars crash around him…it is a killer intro but Shock has more than just traditional Fear Factory heaviness going for it. One of the catchiest Fear Factory songs on Obsolete & with plenty of the computerised effects fans should be used too.

4 – Martyr (Soul of a New Machine – 1992)

This is my favourite song off the first album Fear Factory released. It is very different to what sound the band would end up embracing but it super-heavy with some great death metal style vocals. The sudden switch about 90 seconds in is a real eye-opening moment as we suddenly we have clean vocals & a killer chugging riff.

3 – Replica (Demanufacture – 1995)

I love this intro…it is perfect Fear Factory showcasing the drum talent & Burton’s vocals. Incredibly heavy with plenty of rhythm & enough melody to stick in your brain & make you try & sing along.

2 – Edgecrusher (Obsolete – 1998)

Due to the graphic nature of this program, listener discretion is advised…those words ringing out at any club/pub will be instantly recognisable to any Fear Factory fan. This is one of their most famous & well-loved thanks to the combination of head-banging riffs, heavy ass-drums, killer vocals & catchy lyrics. For many this would be the No.1 Fear Factory song…

1 – Resurrection (Obsolete – 1998)

Ah, a controversial one maybe…

I still remember the first time I heard this song, I was just blown away. Burton C Bell’s ability to sing is well-known but it was here that he had me in real awe. A soulful opening before the aggression comes…its stop-start but in a good way as it goes from soft to heavy seamlessly. It gets even better once it hits the chorus as the industrial sounds come into effect creating this noise that sounds amazing alongside the vocals & guitars. This is my personal favourite Fear Factory song.

So there you have it, the top 10 Fear Factory songs. What ones have I left off that you think should be on there?


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  • They do play Archetype live on occasion with dino on guitars. There’s a live clip of it in brisbane


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