Top 10: E3 2017 Announcements/Games

Another E3 has come and gone but was it worth the wait? As a whole, I thought it was disappointing. There were few major surprises and no announcements about certain games that many had high hopes of seeing, *cough* The Elder Scrolls VI *cough*. It felt more like a showcase of games that were revealed last year or ones that had been recently announced. Still, that doesn’t mean that there were no highlights at all. In fact, I’ve managed to cobble together a list of my 10 favourite things from this year’s expo.

10 – Xbox One X

Let’s kick this off with an easy one. I highly anticipated the full reveal of this premium console. The details surrounding the specifications of the machine were known, they are seriously impressive. I’m fine with the name but I can see it causing major confusion for casual consumers. I’d love to overhear an employee at GAME attempt to explain the differences between the Xbox One S & the X to a mother at Christmas. Still, the name is pretty irrelevant. Although, I think with we can all agree that Scorpio was much cooler anyway.

There was a not so minor detail that we all wanted to know, that being the price. Somewhere between £400-500 was what I expected. Personally, I think £449 is extremely reasonable for such a powerful system. I am fortunate to be in possession of a TV that can display 4k resolution but that won’t be the same for everybody.

I enjoyed the reveal but did it convince me to buy an Xbox One X at launch? The short answer is a definitive no. I love the hardware but I didn’t see many games that made me feel like abandoning my current Xbox One. It’s great to see 3rd party games getting on board with the technology but it isn’t enough. I want to see games that are made from the ground up, taking advantage of what the X can do. That fell to Microsoft to give me an exclusive IP that could do just that. Unfortunately, they failed miserably.

However, my resistance probably won’t be as strong as it is right now when launch day comes…..

09 – Sonic Forces

I knew little about this game before E3. Now, I’m definitely getting it. Sonic Forces combines modern Sonic, classic Sonic and your own custom made character. It functions similarly to Sonic Generations. Eggman has finally conquered the world so it’s up to the Sonic team to save it. You have to combat many of the Sonic villains from games across the years.

This took me by complete surprise but the game looks stunning. As soon as I saw Green Hill Zone with vibrant, high-res textures I was sold.

08 – Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Single Player)

There is an overload of online multiplayer only games coming out at the moment. Thankfully, EA have listened and we’ll be getting a full, single player campaign this time around. I do hope it doesn’t end up being annoyingly short and throwaway. Still, if it can live up to the footage then it should be awesome.

07 – Super Lucky’s Tale

This vibrant, colourful platformer looks right up my street. I’m a sucker for these types of games; I do hope it turns out to be decent. Funnily enough, this is the only Xbox One X launch game that peaked my interest.

06 – Metro: Exodus

The Metro games are awesome. I think we can all agree that this look absolutely stunning in 4K. It looks set to deliver what I & many had hoped Fallout 4 would be in terms of visuals.

05 – Call Of Cthulhu

This upcoming Lovecraftian investigative RPG looks like it could end up being something very special.

04 – Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

The two previous Wolfenstein games don’t get nearly enough credit. They’re an absolute blast to play and the narrative is fascinating. Also, at the start of this game you get to slaughter Nazis while roaming around in a wheelchair……

03 – Vampyr

I’ve been following this game for a while now. We’re finally getting some extended gameplay footage and it’s looking awesome. Will this be able to make Vampires cool again? It’s hard to say but it does look like the game will offer some tough moral choices.

02 – The Evil Within 2

The first game was ridiculous fun, it was insane. Sure, the story was unnecessarily confusing but hopefully that can be resolved in this sequel. Horror games are in the midst of a resurgence at the moment. Let’s hope that this can keep the momentum going. There really isn’t anything else like it.

01 – Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

This was a really easy choice to have as my favourite game of E3 2017. I loved the original game and consider it to be one of favourites, ever. I gave it a 10/10 and if this can get even close to that then I will be a very happy man. I genuinely didn’t expect this so it was a very nice surprise.

What were your favourite reveals of E3 2017?


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