Top 10 E3 2016 Games/Announcements

Another E3 has come and gone and although much of what was announced was leaked prior to the event it doesn’t change that fact that some truly great looking games were showcased. Once again, no matter which platform you play on there is something for everybody and I think we can all agree that it is truly a golden age for gaming. I thought I’d throw together a list of ten games/announcements that really caught my eye, many if not all of these are Xbox related as that’s just my console of choice in the current generation.

10 – Vampyr


Vampyr is the latest game from Life Is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment. At E3 we were finally given further details on this gothic vampire RPG set in 20th century Britain. The trailer introduced us to Dr Reid, a World War I veteran seeking a cure for vampirism. As a newly-reborn vampire, Reid will not allow anybody to deter him from his ultimate goal. You’ll gain experience by feeding on innocents but beware, eating the local butcher might seem like a good idea but it could spiral out of control and eventually lead to complete disarray amongst the city’s population.

The gothic style and the promise that the game will delve deep into vampire mythology has me extremely intrigued, a quality vampire game is overdue.

09 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Remastered)


Not really much to say on this apart from the fact that it’s bloody Skyrim on current gen consoles with updated graphics, dreams do come true.

08 – State Of Decay 2


Sate Of Decay on Xbox 360 was a complete surprise for me; I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did and even ended up getting totally hooked on it. There’s no denying the fact that it had a bunch of issues and some of its ideas were a little bit too grand but the foundation was solid and could easily be built upon in a sequel. The multiplayer component that was focused on in the announcement does little for me but still, I will be watching this one closely.

07 – Resident Evil 7


I have mixed feelings about this one if I’m completely honest. At the moment we’ve seen very little from the game other than the demo that was released for PS4 which was designed to showcase its VR integration capabilities. All I know is that it’s a first-person survival horror game in the same vein as games such as Outlast and Layers Of Fear. It takes place after Resident 6 but how exactly it’s linked to that game or any other Resident Evil game is a mystery. My biggest issue is that it simply looks nothing like a Resident Evil game at all. I appreciate Capcom trying something new but at the same time it feels like they’re simply jumping on the bandwagon of other successful first-person horror titles.

It looks like it could be genuinely scary which is great but why are Capcom continuing the trend of abandoning everything that made a Resident Evil game a Resident Evil game and this game seems like the greatest departure to date. It could be amazing but will I come away saying that it was an amazing Resident Evil game? I find that unlikely. Still, let’s wait and see how it turns out and at the very least we have the Resident Evil 2 remake to look forward to.

06 – Prey


The trailer for this game took me by complete surprise; I highly recommend you check it out. A First-person sci-fi action game with a psychological twist, Arkane Studios (Dishonoured) are recreating 2006 FPS Prey from the ground up. I have no idea how this will actually turn out but if the trailer is anything to go by it could be absolutely spectacular.

05 – Gwent: The Witcher Card Game


Gwent is probably my favourite card game ever in a video game. I’m pretty sure I battled just about everyone in The Witcher 3 and ended up with every single Gwent card in the game. It’s simple enough that it’s not off-putting but that doesn’t change how strategic and challenging it can be. Like all great card games, a single card truly can turn the tide in a tough moment and it’s always extremely satisfying to win. The standalone title will not only feature a multiplayer but a fully-fledged single player story mode! I literally cannot wait to get this, those guys over a CD Projeckt Red can do no wrong.

04 – We Happy Few


I’ve given this game some serious crap after witnessing its initial trailer only to be bitterly disappointed when witnessing its pre-alpha gameplay footage. Well, that footage seems a seriously long way away from what was show in the E3 gameplay trailer. The developers have clearly listened to feedback and made a bunch of changes because it looks almost like an entirely different game. It gives off a serious Bioshock vibe but has potential to stand on its own as something truly great.

03 – Project Scorpio


I want to play video games on a console and have them run and look the best they possibly can and this new console promises to give me that. By the time it releases, believe it or not the Xbox One will be 4 years old which is actually an average amount of time for a console generation. With the Xbox One S coming out in August, I expect this to be quite pricy but not so much that it’s unaffordable. The current Xbox One cannot support VR so Microsoft must craft a device that can sustain it, VR is here people and it’s not going anywhere. I think I’ll skip the Xbox One S and instead get one of these when it releases at the end of 2017.

02 – Mass Effect: Andromeda  


A new Mass Effect trailer people! It still seems a way off but it’s clear that Bioware are putting their all into ensuring that this is the Mass Effect game of your dreams and it will be worth the wait.

01 – Dead Rising 4


Dead Rising 3 was good but it lost the fun factor that made the past games so enjoyable, it was bland to look at and fairly colourless. Dead Rising 4 is going back to its roots and Frank West is returning for the ride. If that wasn’t enough, it’s set at Christmas with all sorts of Christmas holiday themed weapons and environments.

What was your favourite moment of E3 2016?


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