Top 10 Bands To See At Bloodstock 2014

The final festival of the year (for me) is just around the corner & it is probably my most anticipated one of all. Bloodstock Open Air 2014 will be my first visit to the smaller more heavy-orientated metal fest. It has a line-up that appeals greatly to my darker & heavier music taste; these are the top 10 bands to see at Bloodstock.

10 – Old Corpse Road

I’ve only heard a little bit by this band but my interest was piqued by them being described as Cradle of Filth circa The Principles of Evil Made Flesh. The joke was that this comment was being used in a derogatory fashion!

9 – Triptykon

I’ve seen Tom G. Warrior’s brainchild once before in a supporting slot & they absolutely killed it. Doom metal, black metal, thrash metal…whatever you class them as they are none the less an event worth seeing.

8 – Megadeth

The amount of dis-respect thrown at Dave Mustaine nowadays makes me angry, regardless of his outspoken views the music is what matters & Megadeth have been making quality music for far too long. It’s been years since I’ve seen them live & they should kill it in a headline slot.

7 – Orphaned Land

If being an Israeli heavy metal band wasn’t interesting enough, Orphaned Land fuse prog & death metal with Middle Eastern folk music. The result is very easy on the ears & I’m hoping that they’re as good live as they are on record.

6 – Emperor

Seeing them play at Hellfest hasn’t really diminished my thirst to see them perform again, they are just that special. Admittedly it won’t be as unique this time round but performing In The Nightshade Eclipse in full will still be spectacular.

5 – Down

The supposed ‘controversial’ choice for the headliner slot on the first night. Whatever ‘true’ Bloodstock fans feel about Down is irrelevant…We don’t care & neither do Down. What we will get is an hour & a half of crushing Southern sludge with the odd surprise thrown in.

4 – Amon Amarth

When I first saw them live as a support act for Dimmu Borgir many years ago I barely knew anything about them but over the years they’ve become a firm favourite of mine. Known to be killer live band it will be the first time I’ve seen them since I became more of a fan.

3 – Evil Scarecrow

I can’t believe this amazing band passed me by for so long & I’m now a firm fan of their wacky but killer tunes. Seeing videos of them performing live (including at a previous Bloodstock) seems to suggest they have a decent following & it will be great to be part of that.

2 – Children of Bodom

The last time I saw Children of Bodom live it was one of the best shows of 2013. They are so good live especially with the right set & I can’t see them disappointing here. I love that Bodom are unashamedly Bodom, we’re never going to get Devin Townsend type of experimentation & that’s ok, what they do is make great metal tunes & put on great shows.

1 – Dimmu Borgir

It’s been to long since I’ve seen Dimmu Borgir…way too long. Whenever they play in London I make it my mission to see them live & them being announced for Bloodstock was brilliant. That they’ve promised something special is even more exciting.


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