Horror Movie Review: Jack Frost (1997)

Jack Frost is in a police van on his way to his execution, you see Jack is a serial killer responsible for many deaths across several states. He was finally caught by Sheriff Sam Tiler of Snowmonton & harbors a serious grudge over it.

The weather outside is frightful & the police van collides with another van carrying genetic materials travelling the same road. Jack manages to escape the crashed van but the genetics van’s contents spills out soaking Jack in its liquid. It melts his skin off exposing his skeleton (yes – it is as good as it sounds) & killing him. We then see his remains fusing with the snow…

Now that’s how you start a movie off!

Jack Skleton

The Sheriff that put Jack away is haunted by the memories of what happened & can’t rest even though Jack is reported dead. Then people start turning up dead in his quiet town…

When a local bully is killed in a supposed skiing accident & one of the boys blames a talking snowman, Sheriff Sam begins to wonder if there isn’t something more going on. More & more people turn up dead & when a local FBI agent is revealed to be working for the genetic material company whose van crashed at the beginning the truth is finally revealed.

Jack Dead Body

The genetic material was going to be used to house the human soul (which has been discovered to be a chemical) in case of a nuclear holocaust. Jack Frost is now a mutated snowman after one thing…revenge!

…but how do you kill a snowman?


Jack Frost, not to be confused with the Michael Keaton movie of the same name & similar plot is an absolute hoot to watch. Its comical tone mixed with moments of extreme violence make it stand out & it is easy to ignore some awful acting & nonsense plot developments.

In a movie about a killer snowman that even attempts rape at one stage you have to just sit back & enjoy it. It isn’t supposed to be taken seriously & it is a great movie for that reason.

Jack Rape

Jack Frost as a snowman is laughable…he looks extremely fake but the voice actor does a great job & comes across nasty & threatening. This helps in situations where the silliness is ramped up.

Being a snowy Christmas themed movie we get a load of deaths that combine the two. It’s always fun to watch & wonder what kind of a death we’ll get next.

Jack Death

As I watched the movie I couldn’t work out how it was going to end…I mean how do you kill a snowman? What they come up with had me smiling…it’s clever & makes sense! Anti-freeze!

Not only do we get a sequel bait ending but we actually have a sequel!

It’s a great movie that has laughs, gore, violence & silliness albeit with some bad acting & bad effects. It is easy to overlook the negatives in favour of the positives. A total blast from beginning to end.


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Jack Frost
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