The Most Interesting Brain-Training Games for Students

As people age, their ability to remember things become poor, and their learning capacity slows down. Studies have proved that exercising your brain from an early age can help keep it active and healthy even in old age. The brain is exercised through activities that help you think hard to solve challenges.

One of the best-proven ways to exercise your brain is to play brain training games. There are many games for students that help the younger generation keep their brains active as they grow.


Lumosity is available for free on iOS and Android, although it is available in premium service too. For the free service, the student can play a maximum of three games per day and exercise their mind. Used by over 60 million people globally, Lumosity is rated as top gaming for college students around the world.

Lumosity helps students to actively exercise their brains because they have to be attentive, solve the next move fast and become better skilled. The game is scientifically designed to help in mindfulness, relax the brain, and test it for logical reasoning.

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Ken Ken Puzzle

Ken Ken Puzzle or Ken Ken is a brain-teasing game for math. The game is available for free on the website and can also be downloaded for free on any smartphone. A student gets unlimited puzzles to solve, which makes Ken Ken an addictive educational game.

Students can play number games and mind-engaging math that leaves their brains smarter. The game has a lot of math resources for teachers who would like to customize math games for their students.


Elevate is a premium game, although users can test it on the 7-day free trial. The game has more than 35 games that help students boost their skills in many different ways. Students who use Elevate at least three times a week are reported to have better listening skills, writing, math, speaking, and reading skills.

The game designers had in mind the game’s ability to increase student’s productivity and improve self-confidence. Students can track their performance over a certain period against other students using Elevate.


Peak is available on Google Play and App Store and is designed to improve student’s cognitive ability. The game is brain-stimulating and helps students work on their brain harder while enjoying the fun.

As the student works on the short yet intense games, they improve their memory ability, power to focus and solve problems. Peak is scientifically proven as a brain training game and students can track their performance over certain periods. The app has more than 40 brain-improving games.


Sudoku is of the brain training games that have been around the longest. A student arranges numbers in a grid until they fill all nine rows while ensuring each column has all the numbers 1-9. Sudoku helps students concentrate better and think more critically.

Sudoku doesn’t require students to do any math calculations but they only need to use logic and concentration and arrange numbers. Students who play Sudoku at least three times a week report improved ability to concentrate and better approach to logic.


Chess is best known to help improve pattern recognition and is easy to learn. Students can solve puzzles, play drills, and solo games. Chess is available on Android, Apple, and PC. The game helps students learn interactively.

The complex games are challenging and help students think more critically, strategically and they have to concentrate on winning. The result is better memory, better brain functionality, and an improved decision-making process.


Many academics are currently uncovering the impacts of brain games, as it is a relatively young field. Even though huge numbers of individuals throughout the globe play brain games, research findings are constantly being uncovered. The brain has tremendous abilities and playing brain training games is one way to improve these abilities and bring them into reality. Students can improve their cognitive ability, focus better, improve memory and problem-solving skills by playing student games.

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