Album Review: Mannveira – Vitahringur (Dark Descent Records)

Formed in 2010, Iceland’s Mannveira have been a relatively quiet band during the first decade of existence. Four years after inception, the band released their first EP, Von er Eitur. Two years later they teamed up with the enigmatic Ellorsith for a haunting split on Dark Descent Records. Silence has largely followed since that split as the black metal band has honed their song writing skills.

Now the black metal nihilists are preparing to unleash their long-awaited full-length debut, Vitahringur, on Dark Descent Records. It is out on July 2nd, 2021.

Fans might have had to wait a while for this full-length debut but once the icy tendrils have taken hold, no one will think it wasn’t worth it. Only five tracks long but with some gargantuan offerings, the chilling and methodical horror of Ópin rjúfa þögnina sets the scene. This is black metal from the dark depths and Mannveria are the harbingers of icy doom.

It’s with the following Í köldum faðmi that the black metaller’s really showcase what their about though. Taking the listener on a terrifying journey into madness, the blend of scornful vocals alongside blistering guitar riffs, stomach-curdling bass lines and thumping drumbeats almost too much to take when it’s stretched across 9+ minutes. You won’t find many bands able to keep black metal sounding fresh across such a length but these guys manage it.

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That track is not alone in delivering something so huge either as the title track comes after and is also an ‘epic’. A black metal epic that fills the mind with apprehension and slowly chills to the bone. That there are some melodic sounding guitar moments throughout shows the Mannveria aren’t afraid of experimenting either.

A tad shorter, Framtíðin myrt has an eerie edge and the tempo shifts sit uncomfortably in the mind. The darkest sounding track on the album, Mannveria seem to want the overriding feeling to be one of despondency here. It is very effective.

So effective is it that Mannveria have little qualms about wrapping up their album with one more enormous effort. Kverkatak eilífra martraða captures the feeling of the end times and how it would feel to be at the mercy of the deep freeze.

Mannveria – Vitahringur Full Track Listing:

1. Ópin rjúfa þögnina
2. Í köldum faðmi
3. Vítahringur
4. Framtíðin myrt
5. Kverkatak eilífra martraða


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Mannveira - Vitahringur (Dark Descent Records)
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