The Crawling Release Video Singles From Their Forthcoming Album – All Of This For Nothing

The Crawling are thrilled to announce the release of two captivating video singles, ‘Thy Nazarene’ and ‘March of the Worm’, from their eagerly awaited third album, “All Of This For Nothing.” The album is set to conquer your senses on August 4th, 2023, courtesy of Grindscene Records. (Pre-order here)

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Vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke shares his insights:

In the haunting melody of ‘Thy Nazarene,’ we delve into the profound impact of human actions upon one another. It urges us to reflect upon the consequences of our choices, often underestimating the lasting effects they may have. Conversely, ‘March of the Worm’ grants us an intimate glimpse into specific relationships, examining how the behaviours of others can become deeply ingrained within us. The overarching theme of futility gracefully interconnects both tracks, emphasising that regardless of our actions, the ultimate destination remains the same: nothingness.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be among the first to experience the musical prowess of “All Of This For Nothing.” Secure your copy by pre-ordering now!


1. March of the Worm (5:57)
2. Thy Nazerene (4:20)
3. Another Vulture (7:27)
4. Bound to the Negative (8:12)
5. A Light We Cannot See (5:20)
6. Leaving the Skin (5:18)
7. Sparrow (6:18)

Line up:

Stuart Rainey – Bass / Backing Vocals
Andy Clarke – Guitar / Vocals
Gary Beattie – Drums

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A trio of Irish shows to celebrate the release will take place, with more tour dates to follow:

Saturday 29th July – Limerick [get tickets]
Saturday 19th August – Dublin [get tickets]
Saturday 26th August – Belfast [get tickets]


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