Bloodstock 2023 Band Feature: Repulsive Vision

Bloodstock 2023 takes place from August 10th to August 13th. Across 4 stages, the festival boasts an incredible line-up that includes headliners Killswitch Engage, Meshuggah, and Megadeth. As always, we will be featuring some of the bands that will be playing this year’s festival. Giving you a rundown of who they are, what they’ve released, and what you can expect come August.

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The Jägermeister stage is getting an infusion of dirty and nasty old-school death metal mixed with with raw crust punk on the Saturday of Bloodstock. It’s Repulsive Vision, and they know how to make some serious noise. Think the likes of Carcass, Napalm Death, and Benediction mixed with the likes of Discharge and Nausea. Sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it!?

Since the release of their debut album ‘Look Past the Gore and See the Art’, Repulsive Vision have busted their asses making a solid name for themselves on the UK underground scene. Garnering a reputation for high-powered, energetic, and brutal live shows. In 2020, they released their sophomore album ‘Necrovictology’ and cemented their reputation as one of the best heavy bands in the scene.

We described the album as follows:

If you like riffs capable of flaying flesh, percussion capable of grinding bones to dust and vocals capable of slicing the soft bits into pieces, then Necrovictology will be your jam.

You can read our full review of Necrovictology here.

Playing Bloodstock is just another step on the path to domination that Repulsive Vision are on. They’re currently working on their third full-length album, which is due to be recorded in Winter 2023. If we’ve learned one thing about Repulsive Vision over the past 6 years, it’s that it will be savage and extreme.

Get yourself over to the Jägermeister stage on the Saturday of the festival and head-bang yourself into oblivion. Don’t take our word for it though, we spoke to them about what it means to play the festival, what Bloodstock means to them, and what attendees can expect from their show. They had this to say:

Repulsive Vision are massively proud to be a part of Bloodstock this year. We’ve all been going for at least a decade and to finally get the opportunity to join the bill has been a goal of ours since our inception. Expect energy and tight Death Metal riffs with just a hint of crusty punk.


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