The Best Casino Films Ever Produced

Many people love casinos for the thrill associated with them. Any movie producer looking to capture the attention of movie lovers all over the globe would go for such a theme, one that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats with apprehension and tension. Since the 80s, casinos and all things gambling have been the basis for the production of many classics. There are literally hundreds of casino-themed films, and if you are looking for one that brings out the fun aspects of a casino, then here is a list you can try this weekend.

The Sting

This movie is all about a sting operation, only that the police are not involved. Instead, two con men (Paul Newman and Robert Redford) target a wealthy criminal mastermind who loved to gamble. This movie brings the aspect of swindling in the casino, plus many other twists and turns that make it so entertaining.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

Most professional poker enthusiasts have heard of the story of Stu Ungar, the high roller famous for winning three World Series of Poker Main Event tournaments. In this movie, Michael Imperioli stars as Stu and shows the intriguing life story of the super poker player. The film shows the gambler’s entire life, bringing out his unbelievable highs and soul-crushing lows. You will be surprised to know that Stu eventually lost all his money gambling on horses. You may want to watch how a remarkably brilliant gambler rose to the top of the gambling world, only to go down in flames in an exciting yet saddening movie.

The Cooler

This William Kramer movie brings a whole new twist to the world of gambling. Unlike other movies that portray lucky gamblers who make startling wins, The Cooler highlights the story of a man whose luck in the casino is so poor that a casino hires him to stand at the table of gamblers that seem to have a winning streak to act as a bad luck charm! Interestingly, the man, whose role is expertly played by William Macy, manages to restore the house edge.

However, the tables turn, and the once bad luck stricken man’s fortunes change. He becomes the lucky charm, much to the annoyance of his employers. Soon, he becomes the lucky charm of every gambler in Vegas. The storyline is hilarious, fun, and brings out the fact that gamblers still believe in the concept of luck.

If you think you have the chance of having better luck than that dude, then click here and found out. Sometimes playing casino games is about skill but most time it’s about luck. Sure, with games like blackjack and poker you need to use your brain, but games like slots are generally pure fun and luck. With amazing themes, superb features, bonus prizes and progressive jackpots, slots have literally taken over the gambling scene and no casino worth their salt will offer players anything less than dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of slot games.


Some gamblers play in the hope of getting funds to get a head start in life, like go back to school or go on a vacation. In this movie, a young Matt Damon portrays an entrepreneur who paid his college fees by winning at the poker tables. This movie stars many famous faces, including Edward Norton and John Malkovich. It winds up in a high-stakes game that will bring you to the edge of your seat; Matt must try to beat a poker baron whose character is played by Malkovich. If you are a huge poker fan, the realistic banter and strategy at the poker table will fascinate you.

The Gambler

When many people start out gambling, they rarely think that things may spiral out of control and that gambling will be their downfall. The Gambler, starring John Caan, features a literature professor who develops an addiction to gambling. His gambling problem escalates, and his mental state plummets. Before long, his gambling addiction becomes a threat to his life. This movie clearly shows how addictions of any kind can be disastrous.


This classic movie is based on a true story. It is set in the era before online gambling had become the norm and tells the story of a math teacher (Kevin Spacey) who trains a squad of gifted students to count cards at the Vegas strip. The movie is packed with so much casino action, as well as trickery and betrayal that often silently crops up in casinos. If you love blackjack and card counting, this movie is perfect for you.

Get the popcorn ready

There are countless casino movies out there, but the list above should give you a great headstart. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.


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