Game Review: Turbo Santa: Christmas Game (Mobile – Free to Play)

An endless runner style free to play game, Turbo Santa: Christmas Game will give you an hour or two of play before you hit the uninstall button. That might make it sound like a horrible game but far from it, it’s one of the better and prettiest endless runners out there. It’s just so light on content that it won’t last long at all.

However it does deserve a mention because so many Christmas games tend to focus on match-3 gameplay and this doesn’t.

Here Santa in his sleigh flies over rooftops and you must drop presents into chimneys by touching the screen at the right time. As you progress, the sleigh gets faster and the chimneys size varies making it more and more difficult to get the presents in.

Miss too many and it’s game over.

Your reward? It comes in coin form and the more chimneys you land presents in, the higher your multiplier becomes. Coins are then used to upgrade the sleigh and the reindeer. You can add more lives, increase the combo cool-down period, the chimney size and your coin multiplier. Each new increase costs more and more coins. To fill them all completely will cost an eye-watering amount and few will have the patience to earn them in-game.

So of course, if you really want to play Turbo Santa: Christmas Game with all upgrades on you can spend some real money on coins. These start at 99p and go up to £20.49, the latter giving you more then enough to pay for pretty much everything.

It’s far from the most unreasonable prices you’ll see in a free to play game but it doesn’t make them any less of a ripoff. They’re a ripoff because the game has no additional content. You can spend £20+ on this game and it will play exactly the same way with no other modes or added levels.

That is why you’ll get only an hour or two out of it at best then uninstall.

Turbo Santa: Christmas Game
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