The 5 Best Activities When Listening to Metal (And They’re Not What You Think)

Listening to music is good for the brain, and there’s nothing quite like sticking on a new album and blasting it at full volume. The problem with music is that unless you’re at a live event, it’s largely a passive activity. If you want to focus on the riffs or the lyrics, then you can’t read a book, and you certainly don’t want to listen to your top albums if you’re on a motorbike. However, there are some great ways to ensure that you can keep yourself occupied as you line up the latest release from Tool, or when you fancy some classic metal to kill some time. If you tend to end up staring at the walls and twiddling your thumbs when you’re listening to your favourite metal, check out some of these suggestions.

Get Tidying

There’s nothing quite like some heavy house clearing along with your heavy tunes. Try and stick to the high-energy tracks rather than the morose ones, and your motivation will go through the roof. Your home might never be tidier.

Walk the Dog

Stick the headphones in and get the lead out because going for a walk with the dog is one of the best times to blast your favourite metal directly into your brain. You certainly don’t have to worry about making conversation, but remember not to get so absorbed in the latest release that you forget to pick up whatever your dog leaves behind.

Online gaming

If there’s one thing that you might want to consider, it’s putting the volume on high and getting online. There are plenty of ways to enjoy online gaming so no matter what you like, there will be something for you. Why not try a live casino and live out your Monte Carlo dreams? You could even wear a tux if you want to go all out. Or you could take yourself to battle and save the world with Fortnite. With the music on loud and the thrill of survival at stake, you are sure to make the most of your new gaming experiences.

Get Pumping

High-energy guitar riffs, deeply technical drum beats, and the distinctive snarl of the lead singer make metal one of the best types of music to listen to as you get your blood pumping. Go for a run or head to the gym, and let your top metal tracks motivate and inspire you to push yourself that little bit extra. Take the time to build a workout playlist and you could soon be looking and feeling better than ever.

Share the Love

Discovered a new album that nobody else has noticed? Got a way with words and love talking to your friends and family about the music you’re listening to right now? Then you might get a lot of satisfaction by simply writing about the bands, the albums, and gigs that you love. Start a blog (you might even make some money out of it), or email the music press with some samples of your writing. You never know, music journalist could be a cool thing to have on the CV.

Music is life, and without a good soundtrack to our lives, something is always going to be missing. Aldous Huxley said that “After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music,” but it’s not always easy to sit back, close your eyes and get totally absorbed. If you need to keep yourself busy as you blast your favourite albums, try out some of these activities.


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