The 10 Most Terrifying Enemies in Resident Evil

That Resident Evil 2 remake is pretty good isn’t it? There are a number of ways in which it succeeded. However, one accomplishment cannot be understated. It somehow managed to make zombies feel not only scary but like a legitimate threat. This shouldn’t really be a surprise as the Resident Evil franchise is responsible for some of the most terrifying monstrosities to ever grace the medium. I started thinking, which ones are the most chilling, daunting and formidable? Here’s my list of the top 10 scariest enemies in Resident Evil.

Number 10 – Zombie Dog/Cerberus

RE Enemies

The moment in which one of these blood-thirsty canines smashes through a hallway window in Resident Evil is truly iconic. It might just be the most memorable moment of the entire franchise for those that have experienced it. These creatures have evolved over the years in many different forms. Still, they never fail to get my heart racing.

Number 09 – Chainsaw Man (Dr Salvador – Resident Evil 4)

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Instant, violent death attacks are a common occurrence throughout the Resident Evil series. However, none are more memorable than or arguably as violent as one involving a chainsaw wielding maniac. The sound of a distant, revving chainsaw still triggers me to this very day…..

Number 08 – Hunters

RE Enemies

The Hunter is a species created by combining reptiles, humans, and the T-Virus. In the video games, Hunters are some of the deadliest creatures players can come across, capable of one-hit kills through graphic decapitation.

Number 07 – Lisa Trevor (Resident Evil remake)

RE Enemies

Her grotesque face hidden behind a mask of rotten flesh, bony arms and a hunchback gives her a very disturbing appearance. Moreover, she has the ability to attack with the shackles that bind her hands and can hurl herself at enemies. However, Lisa’s true power is immortality, as she is capable of taking huge amounts of damage and still manages to get up after an extremely short regeneration time. If you’re willing to do some reading you’ll discover the tragic story on how a certain pharmaceutical company destroyed a young girl’s life.

Number 06 – Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

RE Enemies

The recent success of the Resident Evil 2 remake has everyone raving about the terrifying Mr X. Being stalked by him is genuinely unnerving, he made me jump more than once. Now, imagine that but with Nemesis chasing you down with rocket launcher in hand. It’s an absolute no brainer if you ask me, get on it Capcom.

Number 05 – Nosferatu (Resident Evil: Code Veronica)

RE Enemies

Much like Lisa Trevor, Nosferatu only gets scarier once you delve deep enough into the details of its creation. Nosferatu began life as the father of the Ashford twins, Alexander Ashford. Alexia injected him with the T-Veronica virus, and locked him in the basement of their Antarctic research facility when the experiment was deemed a failure. He spent the following seventeen years slowly growing insane, due to the virus and the solitude of the sealed room. That’s until he is accidentally released, as Claire you must fight his now twisted form.

Number 04 – Marguerite Baker (Resident Evil 7)

RE Enemies

Once a loving wife and mother, Marguerite Baker has warped into a truly sick and twisted monster. Her ability to control insects is one of the many reasons that she’s the creepiest member of the Baker family.

Number 03 – Lickers

RE Enemies

Crawling on all fours, both on the ground and on walls and ceilings, Lickers hunt using their ears. Once they’ve located prey they’ll dart forward and use their spear-like tongue to capture survivors, either killing them with their claws or using their tongues to decapitate you. The Resident Evil 2 remake managed to make these grotesque creatures even more terrifying.

Number 02 – Crimson Head zombies (Resident Evil remake)

What’s more spine-chilling than a zombie? How about faster, clawed creature called the Crimson Head. Make sure you burn as many corpses as you can. The last thing you want is to have a bunch of these horrible things terrorizing you.

Number 01 – Iron Maiden/Regeneradores (Resident Evil 4)

RE Enemies

With decaying skin, a mouth full of jagged teeth, these tall monsters are slow moving, extremely difficult to kill, and lethal. If you shoot off an arm, it grows back. If you shoot out its legs, the Iron Maiden will crawl along the floor, pulling its massive remaining body right at you. Running away doesn’t even do much, as an Iron Maidens arms can stretch across a room and bring the two of you together in a deadly embrace. Accompanying them is some very eerie music and a terrifying breathing sound which indicates that one is nearby.

There you have it, which monster from the Resident Evil franchise do you think is the scariest?


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