Ten Easter Themed Horror Movies You Should Check Out!

Easter. It’s not exactly a holiday you associate with horror. Unless you look at the whole Jesus resurrection thing from the zombie point of view.

Full horror movies themed around the holiday tend to focus on the commercial aspects rather than the religious aspects. Horror that puts mutant bunnies, killers in bunny suits and so on, front and centre. Though that’s not to say there aren’t the odd religious themed Easter horrors either.

We’ve seen a fair few to date which means it’s finally time for us to bring you a list. A list detailing 10 Easter themed horror movies that you can enjoy over the holiday. So, crack open a chocolate egg and relax watching some of the best, and worst, Easter themed horror movies as recommended by us.

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Easter Casket (2013)

Easter Casket 1

Easter Casket might be the best Easter-themed horror or the worst. It is absolutely insane, utterly hilariously bad yet so compelling and entertaining.

Easter Casket tells the story of Peter Cottentail aka The Easter Bunny who has been summoned. Summoned because the Catholic Church is planning on removing all the bunny and egg symbolism from Easter. The holiday is about Christ and they want to make sure people remember that.

Easter Casket 5

Peter Cottentail is not happy about this so goes on a murderous rampage with the aim of being a god. All while cracking wise in a way that would have Freddy Kruger saying it might be too much.

Resurrection (1999)

Two police officers hunt a mysterious serial killer who always seems to be one-step ahead of them. This takes place in a dark, grimy and rain-lashed city, and time is running out to stop the killer before he completes his goal.

That is the plot of Seven. It is also the plot of Resurrection.

Two cops must stop a serial killer who has decided to theme a spree around Easter. One that avoids the bunnies and chocolate eggs, in favour of the religious aspect of the holiday.

This killer is collecting body parts from victims who are the same age and bear the names of Jesus’ disciples. Why? So, Christ can rise again in the monstrosity created from the different body parts.

It’s a cliché-filled movie, one that straddles the line between entertainment and ridiculousness. One moment, you’ll be enjoying the heart-racing tension and mystery and then you’ll be laughing about the stupidity of it all. The film certainly takes itself very seriously but that just makes the laughs come all the harder.

Beaster Bunny/Beaster Day/ Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell (2014)

Beaster Bunny 5

This is a movie that has to be seen to be believed. It’s simply stunning just how terrible a movie it is.

The ‘plot’ focuses on a small town that is invaded by a 50-foot bunny. This bunny walks on its hind legs all the time because it’s clearly a marionette puppet in front of a green screen. The first time it appears you’ll feel instantly dupped. Look at the front cover of the DVD release & then look at the rabbit in the movie? Shameful.

Beaster Bunny 2

A nonsensical story, terrible acting, the worst CGI imaginable & a monster that…words just can’t describe it. You’ll be asking everyone afterwards…why? You’ll be walking up to random strangers on the street with your cold, dead eyes begging to know how such a travesty could ever be released.

The movie doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘so bad, it’s good’ movie because it is intentionally bad.

Bunnyman (2011)

Bunnyman 1

Originally released in 2011 and with a spate of sequels, the original Bunnyman is an absurd slasher horror. One borrows from the likes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre but in the vein of a parody.

The Bunnyman of the title is a misshapen and grotesque man who hides inside a rabbit costume. He is part of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre style family who like to capture and torture their victims.

Our introduction to the killer sees him driving a large truck with one of his victims in the back. He comes across a car full of teenage idiots and begins to torment them. Simply by bumping the back of their car and honking his horn. For unexplained reasons the group are unable to outrun the killer. Even though they’re in a car and he is in a truck…

Bunnyman 4

Eventually after trying to escape his attention, the group crash and are forced to hike through the woods to find help. Bunnyman is on their trail though.

On first glance it looks like the kind of movie worth avoiding. The kind of movie that you know will be filled with rubbish acting, rubbish effects and with a rubbish story. That’s not the case though as what we have here is an effective horror that works within the limitations of its budget. It’s just a shame that that it doesn’t really push the boat out in regards to gore and violence. This really should have been a Braindead-esqe horror with slapstick blood and guts flying all over the place.

The Night Before Easter (2014)

Night Before Easter 1

The Night Before Easter is a super-low budget slasher horror.

The story surrounds a local lunatic that escaped from a mental hospital and killed two teenagers. Years later, he somehow escapes again and goes to a storage facility where a group of teenage somethings are partying. It’s the night before Easter and the axe wielding lunatic is celebrating by committing his crimes wearing an Easter Bunny suit.

Night Before Easter 3

It’s an admirable attempt at creating an Easter horror but is sorely lacking in many departments. Low budget or not, we’ve seen directors churn out gold with even less.

Peter Rottentail (2004)

Purveyors of no-budget, comedic horror trash, The Polonia brothers, Mark and John took a stab at Easter with 2004’s Peter Rottentail. One of the pair’s better movies, which really isn’t saying much when you consider the rubbish they have put out over the decades.

A magician trying to make ends meet has taken to performing at children’s birthday parties, where his terrible magic goes down like a lead balloon. Embarrassed, he runs into a mysterious man who offers him a vile of liquid that he promises will turn him into the best magician ever.

Obviously sceptical, the magician takes the vial and goes to his next party where he is humiliated once again. Desperate to win the kids over, he decides to drink the liquid but nothing happens. It appears as though the stranger was lying and the magician has had enough, so shoots himself dead.

Many years later, his story has fallen into legend (who knows why) and the kids from the party have all grown up. It’s time for revenge as the magician is reanimated as Peter Rottentail, a bunny-suit wearing killer who sets about killing all who humiliated him in life.

Yes, it is pretty dumb but it knows it’s dumb and plays up to it. You’re not supposed to take these sorts of films seriously at all. It’s cheesy, it’s stupid, it’s cheap and it’s basic. Knowing all of this before you hit play will make the experience far more enjoyable but, it’s still a pretty terrible movie that is around 40 minutes too long. A bit of a problem when it’s only 70 minutes long.

Easter Bunny Massacre (2021)

Easter Bunny Massacre aka Easter Killing is an Easter-themed horror slasher that nails so many important aspects but ends up dropping the ‘egg’ with an ending that is just so poor, it undoes much of what came before. Not only that, it leaves some gapping plot holes that you just simply can’t ignore.

Easter Bunny Massacre borrows heavily from the 90’s slasher hit, I Know What You Did Last Summer but substitutes Summer for Easter. Here, a group of young adults are about to head off to college. To celebrate this, the group have headed off into the woods to have a camping party. One that involves drink, drugs and murder. A murder that no-one can remember doing the next morning even though everyone is covered in blood.

Rather than turn themselves in to the authorities, the group decide to get rid of the body and then go their separate ways.

Sometime later… everyone who was present at the camping trip receives an invite to an Easter-themed party. An invite from the dead. So, obviously they all decide to meet up in the hope that they will get answers and be able to piece together the events of that fateful night.

Unfortunately for them, their host has other ideas and sets about trying to force a confession from the murderer, then killing them, one by one. All while wearing a garish rabbit mask.

Easter Bunny Bloodbath (2010)

Easter Bunny 1

Easter Bunny Bloodbath is a tongue in cheek, no-budget 80s throwback slasher comedy horror that falls flat in far too many areas.

The plot is very basic, opening with a young boy and girl welcoming a man in a bunny costume into their house during Easter. The bunny chops off the girl’s head and we instantly see the quality of the effects here as fake blood splatters on the screen.

The boy screams and then we cut to 20 years later where he is now an adult. Having a party weekend at a cabin with his friends. Guess who comes to visit and start offing the partying kids? The Easter Bunny!

It’s as uninspired as it sounds with atrocious acting, a hilariously predictable twist and poor sound where the dialogue is low and the music obnoxiously loud. However, the worst thing about it is how little the killer Bunny appears on screen. In a near 80-minute movie, he probably only appears on screen for 10 of those.

A shame because the kills are gleeful and silly, even if the effects are terrible.

Bunnyman Massacre/Bunnyman 2 (2014)

The bad bunny is back, alongside local ‘beef’ jerky store owner, Joe. Together, the pair’s cruel and vicious ways cause the blood to fly. Quite literally, as the movie opens in brutal fashion. Bunnyman attacking a school bus and slaughtering most of the kids with a chainsaw. It’s a rip-roaring start and tells you exactly what this film is going to be… very little plot, lots of violence and gore.

We don’t have much in the way of story here. Joe and Bunnyman pick off different groups of travellers. Some last longer than others, one might be the ‘star’ but it quickly becomes clear that Bunnyman is what this film really wants to focus on. Well, that and Joe’s torturous ways as he teases and assaults the numerous women that he gets in his grip. All in that mucky and grim grindhouse way.

It’s the sort of stuff that you get tired of hearing and seeing after 30 minutes of it, let alone 100 minutes of it.

No-one’s here for a thrilling story though. What we’re all here for is the kills and the gore. Bunnyman 2/Massacre does not disappoint.

Rottentail (2019)

Rottentail is a silly, gory, colourful tale of an experiment that goes wrong. An experiment that results in a monstrous human/rabbit hybrid known as Rottentail.

Peter Cotton has been picked on his entire life. As kid at school and as an adult at work. He is a nerdy scientist picked on by all his co-workers at the top-secret lab he works at. Experiments involving rabbits and breeding. After a mix-up involving test subjects and serums, Peter suffers a nasty bite from a mutant bunny.

It’s a lot of fun, made to have a comic book feel with colourful lighting, a ton of gore and plenty of slapstick. It can be crude, it can be rude, it can be very silly (a lot of the effects are intentionally bad looking) but it is an entertaining watch.


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