Ten Bands You Should Check Out On The Bloodstock 2022 New Blood Stage

It’s another stellar line-up for Bloodstock’s New Blood stage this year. Made up of bands who have won their respective Metal 2 the Masses events, bands who impressed enough to get invited to play and band’s who submitted CDs. It’s the cream of the British underground and we’re genuinely convinced that you could spend your entire weekend at this stage and come away feeling immensely satisfied and that you got your monies worth.

Now, it does feel slightly unfair to just pick ten bands from the multitude playing on that stage but needs must, and we always write this article. Regardless of our recommendations, you can be confident that every band playing is going to give it their all and deliver killer sets.

So, in no particular order, here are ten bands we think you should go out of your way to see on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock 2022.

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Fyresky – Friday

Goth rock that seeps into your soul.

Fyresky are an exceptionally strong goth rock band. Especially in the live environment, having spent years honing their craft. Bloodstock feels like a just reward for all their hard work and their 30-minute set is sure to stand out as one of the more unique offerings on the New Blood stage over the weekend.

I Fight Bears – Friday

On absolute fire right now, I Fight Bears transformation into a multifaceted and genre-spanning metal band is proving to be the making of this band. A killer EP, kick-ass shows and a drive that is on another level, this year has been the year of I Fight Bears and Bloodstock is just the next step on their road to domination.

Tribe of Ghosts – Saturday

The industrial/post- metal music that Tribe of Ghosts is genuinely captivating stuff, and you can tell that the band have found what works for them. That result can be heard in the songs they released so far, but how is that going to play out on the New Blood stage? That’s the exciting part and there’s a real sense that we could see one of the most talked about shows of the entire weekend when they play.

Collapse the Sky – Saturday

Arguably a step ahead of many of the bands that are playing the New Blood stage, Collapse the Sky have released several stellar records already and made one hell of name for themselves live. Playing a belligerent, groovy and very heavy style of metal, this show is guaranteed to be one of more intense and dangerous shows of the entire weekend. Watch out for those pits, they’re going to slay.

Collected – Saturday

A band that has scratched and clawed for every opportunity that has come their way, getting to play Bloodstock 2022 was no different for the modern metal band. That passion, that drive and that desire to perform has seen them become a name synonymous with the Essex metal scene. There’s no doubting that they will bring all of that and probably some more to Bloodstock this year.

Steel Mage – Saturday

Coming into the festival hot as all hell, melodic hardcore outfit Steel Mage have built up a strong reputation live. Capping that off with the release of their debut album ‘As the Chapel Falls’. Anyone that has heard that album can attest to the strength of this band and the chance to hear the songs played live is very exciting.

Imperium – Saturday

Imperium are killing it at the moment and armed with a new EP, promise to leave the New Blood masses gobsmacked when they play. A bit of thrash, a bit of groove and plenty of reasons to head-bang, Imperium are a band you simply can’t miss come Bloodstock 2022.

Karma’s Puppet – Sunday

Sometimes, all it takes is one song to have you hooked and with Karma’s Puppet that is exactly what happened with the excellent Royal Swine. The blistering melodic metal band have a lot of potential and Bloodstock feels like it might very well be a star making moment for the relatively new band.

Novacrow – Saturday

A little bit dark, a little bit wicked but a lot of reasons to move and groove, Novacrow’s alt-metal sound is impressive. Not only that, but it’s also got a ton of energy about it. This band is the ‘dark horse’ of the New Blood stage. While many may not be talking about them now, afterwards it may be very different.

Drip Fed Empire – Sunday

One of the more unique bands on the New Blood stage and potentially one to polarise, Drip Fed Empires insane blend of industrial, drum & bass, nu-metal, post-hardcore and metalcore is very attention grabbing. What is the New Blood stager going to look like once this dystopian themed music starts? It’s fascinating and that reaction and the fact that it’s so high-energy makes this band unmissable.