Single Slam – We Are Diabolical by Diabolical (Eclipse)

We Are Diabolical is the name of the first single released from Swedish black metal powerhouse, Diabolical’s new album, Eclipse. Eclipse is due out on the 15th of February via Indie Recordings. Based off of this first single, it is going to be a cracker.

Diabolical have been around since the late 90’s, about 1998. Eclipse is the band’s 5th studio album though it is also their first since 2013 when they released Neogenesis. They did interrupt that long gap with an EP called Umbra in 2016 though it is still a big gap for a new album. As a band, Diabolical are known for mixing their styles and refusing to stand still. They are constantly evolving, on each release they look to push the boundaries of black metal a little further and it works.


Diabolical are Sverker Widgren on guitars and vocals. Lead vocals are with Carl Stjärnlöv who was previously both the drummer and guitarist of the band at different times. On drums now though, it’s Pär Johansson and on the bass and vocals it’s Dan Darforth.

We Are Diabolical is just under 4 minutes in length and it took about 5 seconds of that for me to know I was going to love this track. It all kicks off with pounding drums, anthemic guitars and orchestral backing with a choir singing. Vocals come in, dark and sinister, chanting We Are Diabolical over the top and I am sold. Verses see the choir tail off, replaced by a brief section of melodic guitars before the drums rain forth heaviness.

Dark vocals, delivered in a slow and steady style are mixed with thick bass lines. drum flurries and a wall of riffs. The chorus brings back the choir and the chant of the song title again. A real curve ball comes next as we enter a melodic section with gentler clean vocals, a faded guitar line and tapped drum beat. This respite acts as a calm before the storm though as the band erupt into fury. Angry vocals, ripping drums and a punishing, bass heavy riff quickly drag you by the scruff of the neck back to attention.

Another clean section, this time over heavy music comes in. All of this builds towards a multi layered ending which sees the choir return. It brings with it the orchestral elements and both clean and unclean vocals. It’s an epic ending to a powerful song. If this song was designed to introduce people to Diabolical, well consider me introduced, excited and hungry for more.

We Are Diabolical is a superbly structured song. The slight switches in style and multi genre influence keep it fresh for every single second of it’s runtime. Symphonic, black, death, power and even a sprinkling of hardcore/metalcore makes for an exciting listen. If you are already a fan, you must be delighted with this song. New listeners like me will quickly find themselves reaching for the band’s considerable back catalogue.

We Are Diabolical is available on all the usual streaming services now. You can preorder Eclipse from Indie Recordings by following the link. Find out more about Diabolical at their Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

We Are Diabolical by Diabolical (Eclipse)
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