Single Slam – Way of the Warrior by Ensiferum (Two Paths)

Finnish folk metallers, Ensiferum, have released a new single and accompanying video called Way of the Warrior. Way of the Warrior will feature on the band’s seventh album, Two Paths. The new album is due out on the 15th of September via Metal Blade Records.  The new album was produced by Anssi Kippo and interestingly was recorded onto tape for a more analogue experience.

Ensiferum formed back in 1995 releasing 3 demos before their first full length in 2001. Now with 6 full lengths behind them, the band are revered as folk metal royalty to most fans of the genre. Ensiferum are Petri Lindroos on vocals and guitar with Markus Toivonen on lead guitar and backing vocals. Sami Hinkka is on bass and Netta Skog plays the digital accordion. Sami and Netta also add backing vocals while Janne Parviainen is on drums.

Way of the Warrior


 Way of the Warrior is barely under 4 minutes long and starts with a booming drum thump, a rumbling bass line and a smart little riff. The drums pick up pace and the guitars start to soar as Lindroos unleashes a huge roar. The music is thundering along nicely with a folk/power like riff and a quick galloping rhythm. Lindroos yells “Let’s Go” and the guitars take off playing a wonderful dual lead that increases and decreases in pitch as it soars along.
Heavy and harsh vocals come in and take the lead. The guitars step back a little for a lower toned, groove laden drum and bass rhythm with little guitar bursts. The chorus is immensely catchy and really has that folk metal/ power metal vibe that makes you want to throw punches into the air. As it ends we get treated to another powerful, fast dual guitar solo but the drums are really standing out too. They are still blazing out that galloping style so familiar to folk and power but it sounds brilliant and expertly in  line with the guitars.
Another verse, followed by that catchy chorus leads into a nice chugging, drum and bass section. This is the intro to the main solo which is awesome. Starting with little moments of guitar just accenting the bass and drums, it slowly starts to extends until it takes over. It is a high tones, soaring lead that oozes folk stylings. The sort of sounds many folk bands play on the flute or violin, rather than guitar. It ends to a neat bass line that does lead into a flute (I think) section mixed in with some slower Finnish vocals to really add a bit more folk into the mix. The catchy chorus comes back in before a big ending with backing vocals, blazing guitars and ferocious drums play us out.

Way of the Warrior is exactly what you would expect from Ensiferum, for better or worse. If you like folk metal then this is a fine example of it.  If you are not a fan of this genre, this is unlikely to change your mind. Luckily for me, I am a fan and so I love it. The guitars are soaring and the riff gallops along with blazing drums leading the charge. There are folk instruments in play too and the chorus is as catchy as you are going to find. This is the music that makes you want to grab for your beer, throw your fist in the air and get moving.

The band had the following to say about the new video: “It was really great to be involved in the process more than we ever have been before and the result turned out to be fantastic! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording the song and shooting the video. So turn the volume up to eleven, move your furniture a bit so that you have room for moshing and press play!”

Check it our for yourself here. You can preorder Two Paths from Metal Blade here or via the links below. Check out Ensiferum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to like and follow them while you are there too.

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Way of the Warrior by Ensiferum (Two Paths)
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