Album Review: Refusal – Epitome of Void (Great Dane Records)

Refusal was founded in 2008 by guitarist Tero Pirhonen and Timo Pirhonen (bass and chorus) in Helsinki before adding Niikka Lius (vocals) and Aleksi Roitto (drums) to complete the band. After some changes on the second guitar, Refusal was completed with Kalle Kuosmanen.

The band has released several demos and played more than 100 times in the past and the first album entitled “We Rot Within was released in 2016 on the German label FDA Rekotz.

The second album entitled “Epitome of Void” was released on January 11, 2019 on the French death metal label Great Dane Records.

Refusal 2

As crusty as crusty death metal can possibly be, Epitome of Void is an old-school 9-track death metal record. From opener Suffocate to the brutalising Disregard and the mind-melting ferocity of Futile, Refusal give no quarter. They’re pissed off and want to make sure you know it in the only way they know how. By delivering a startling and exciting album of hate-filled noise.

You know the drill by now, there are no surprises from this sort of music. You’re not going to having your head battered for 10 minutes only to find the next track is a pop-punk ballad. If that’s exactly what you want then you must check out Epitome of Void as Refusal are a death metal machine.

A mix of short and longer tracks, the only thing to tell them apart is the length as no matter if it’s the 2-minutes of Exploit or the 5-minutes of Void, Refusal *ahem* refuse to quit playing as hard and heavy as they possibly can.

Lucky us.

Refusal 1

Refusal – Epitome of Void Full Track Listing:

1. Suffocate
2. Hectic
3. Disregard
4. Disgust
5. Slaves
6. Exploit
7. Bound
8. Futile
9. Void



The album can be picked up via Great Dane Records here and streamed via Spotify here. Find out more by going to Refusal’s website, Facebook Page and Instagram.

Refusal - Epitome of Void (Great Dane Records)
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