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Turned to Stone is the 3rd single released from Obituary’s soon to be released new album. That album, which is self titled, is due out on the 17th of March via Relapse Records. The American death metal band’s newest album will be there 10th studio album overall and their first since 2014’s Inked in Blood.

Check out our review of their last single, Sentence Day, which I also liked a lot. The great thing here is that Turned to Stone and Sentence Day are really different to each other. After 33 years of music, with a break or two, Obituary are setting a great example. They are still evolving and this latest album, so far, looks to be offering variety and creativity. Not just metal by numbers.

Turned to Stone

Turned to Stone is 4 minutes and 13 seconds long and starts as a sombre, dark track. It has a very sludgy, bass led riff at the intro and the vocals are roared and drawn out. John Tardy sounds pissed off and the extended words, growls and shouts give the song a real intimidating feel to it. The drums are slow and booming and the bass is thick, dirty and heavy. When the track hits the half way mark though it switches things up. First the drums explode into life with ferocious beats and furious double bass from Donald Tardy before some virtuoso guitar soloing comes in to play. We get a minute or so of exceptional guitar soloing from Kenny Andrews with whammy bar galore over the ferocious drums. That then descends into another roar and from that, into a fast crunching riff that plays out to the end.

I remember thinking the flash guitar solos were a newish thing for Obituary on Sentence Day. Hearing it again here makes it obvious this is a new weapon they have added to their arsenal for this album and they are better for it. It is great to see a band still push boundaries and evolve after so many years of being in the business.

Turned to Stone is a great track. It is one for the head bangers out there, with it’s bruising riff and booming drums. Also, one for the mosh pit as it nears the end and switches to frenetic drums and guitar solos. It is even one for the air guitarists out there with it’s awesome axe work at the end. Basically, there is a bit of something for everyone in here and a lot to love overall.

Turned to Stone is a really strong heavy metal song. So was Sentence Day and it looks like Obituary are going to release one of the strongest albums of 2017, 33 years after originally forming. That is seriously impressive. I am really looking forward to this album, and seeing them live.

Check the song out for yourself on Relapse Records official YouTube channel.

 If you also like what you hear, you can preorder the album from Relapse Records. They also have a load of Obituary merchandise to check out. Give the band a like or follow over on Facebook or Twitter for more information on them and the new album. You can also check out their official website for more information. You can also catch Obituary live at Bloodstock Festival this year.


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Turned to Stone by Obituary (Obituary)
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