Album Review: Revenge Prevails – False Hope Cruelty (Self Released)

Released in August 2017, False Hope Cruelty is the new album from Swedish death metal band, Revenge Prevails.

Revenge Prevails 2

A nasty mix of death, black & thrash metal. False Hope Cruelty is 11 tracks of low, dirty & punchy riffs & hooks, scratchy higher vocals & deep, thumping roars & growls.

Take Bliss is a Hoax as a great example of what Revenge Prevails can go. Crushing heaviness, rhythmic drumming & even a bit of melody within the vocals. It’s the second track in & it’s an early highlight, one worth getting excited about.

The deeper tone that drives the riffs & drums continues into the groovy Underworld, the black-metal beat of Shapeshifter Dawn and the imaginative, slow darkness of The Creation of Destruction Part II (Minions of the Gloom).

False Hope Cruelty might be a long album but it’s certainly not lacking in excitement or inventiveness. Credit to Revenge Prevails for crafting an impressive release that keeps delivering as track after track of head-banging gold goes by. There is no running out of steam here as the bassy intro of My Remedy a Blade kicks it up a notch to deliver evil vocals & enjoyable hard rhythm. Before Levitate and Linger closes things with blood-pumping, fist-punching groove.



Revenge Prevails 1

Revenge Prevails – False Hope Cruelty Full Track Listing:

1. Into the Depths
2. Bliss is a Hoax
3. Underworld
4. Shapeshifter Dawn
5. Apocrypha
6. The Creation of Destruction Part II (Minions of the Gloom)
7. Habeas Corpus
8. Wings of Wax
9. Roots of Veins Bleeding
10. My Remedy a Blade
11. Levitate and Linger

You can pick up the album over on Bandcamp here and stream via Apple Music below. Find out more via their website, Facebook, Instagram and watch videos on YouTube.


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Revenge Prevails - False Hope Cruelty (Self Released)
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