Single Slam – To Erebor by Wind Rose (Inner Wound Recordings)

To Erebor is the latest single from symphonic/folk/power metal band Wind Rose. The Italian metal band released their third full length album this May and To Erebor is a single from that album. While the band describe as symphonic metal, there are a whole load of folk elements present on this song. If I had to compare the sound and style of this single to another band, it is more a Turisas than a Nightwish.

Wind Rose consists of Francesco Cavalieri on vocals and Claudio Falconcini on the guitars. Dan Visconti is on drums with Federico Meranda on the keyboards and Cristiano Bertocchi the bass.

To Erebor is around 5 minutes and 15 seconds long and is a really impressive song. Starting with a folk rhythm of loose drums and a flute before an acoustic guitar joins in. It is a really catchy start and will instantly grab anyone who likes folk elements in their music. Gang chants of huh and hah join in as the song explodes into a quicker beat.

To Erebor

Francesco’s vocals are on point. The guy sings in a deep voice but it is singing. There is a certain gruffness to his voice and he is very listenable. Especially when paired with the orchestral style backing vocals and chants. All of this while the drums are pounding out a heavy rhythm, the guitar and bass are banging out a catchy riff and the keys are adding more folk elements.

The chorus is a real fist pumping section, like it should be. There are moments in the track where it slows down slightly and has a more soaring power metal feel to it, then we speed back up again as we imagine ourselves drinking mead from horns and dancing around on wooden tables after a battle. I love it. It transports you.

To Erebor is a great song. I really enjoyed it. I’m a big fan of Turisas and these guys remind me of them and believe me, that is a compliment. With Turisas not releasing music at the moment, Wind Rose are exactly what I have been looking for. It is 5 minutes of epic folk metal with all the fist pumping you need. The band really look the part too, in their medieval/Viking styled furs and armour.

Good news for anyone going to Bloodstock Festival in the UK too as Wind Rose will be playing there on the Thursday night. Don’t miss that show.

Check the song and video out here. You won’t be disappointed. After you have heard it, head over to the band’s website and pick up the album too. You can also pick it up from the links below. Finally, check them out on their website, Facebook and Twitter too for more information on them. Be sure to give them a like or follow too.

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To Erebor by Wind Rose (Inner Wound Recordings)
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