Single Slam – The Venomous by Nightrage (The Venomous)

Just when you thought the music had died down for the year, bang, Nightrage announce plans for their new album The Venomous, due some time in 2017. I’m a big fan so that news is genuinely exciting for me but then they top that off with the swift release of a first single from that album. That single is title track The Venomous. Christmas has come early. The melodic death metal masters have been working hard behind the scenes since the release of 2015’s The Puritan adding two new permanent members in Magnus Soderman on guitar and Lawrence Dinamarca on drums to bring them up to a full time 5 piece.

They join singer Ronnie Nyman, who joined in time for The Puritan record, Anders Hammer on bass and original member and super talented guitar man Mario Iliopoulos. As well as finalising their line up, they have a new marketing team and management company to really set them on the path their music deserves. These guys are a talent and I think, and hope, big things await. For now though, The Venomous.


The track is 4 and a half minutes long and starts off with a little acoustic melody and electric lead playing harmonies over the top of it before it crashes into life with superb drumming over a typically infectious Nightrage riff. Ronnie spits out lyrics, well, venomously. It’s got a great groove to it and the chorus ups that a bit further by adding a simple but perfectly fitting guitar lead. The song is packed with great riffing and guitar lines. The chorus is so catchy and then we are treated to a really neat solo that moves through different tones and pitches which breaks back down into the riff again except this time with drumming that is so fast they could probably power their studio with the energy coming from Lawrence. The song then continues the solo a little longer before that riff and chorus hit you one last time and the song ends.

Wow, what a great track. You can actually hear how complete the band sound now and everyone is on point. Solid bass, strong vocals, excellent drumming and masterful guitar playing. What a great Christmas present.

The band released the following brief statement on social media “With the release of the first single from our upcoming record The Venomous this Friday we plan to end 2016 on a high note and be prepared to see and hear a lot more from Nightrage in 2017 and beyond”.

If it is one thing Nightrage have always been able to do it is to pull off infectious riffs and guitar lines and this song has that in spades. Everything just works well. The song is balanced really well, the musicianship is top notch, the vocals are strong and angry – there is just so much to enjoy here. I cannot wait to hear more from this album. If this song, The Venomous, is anything to go by, we are in for a real treat.

The song is available now on all the usual streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. If you like what you hear, why not head to their label Despotz Records and pre order the new album or/and pick up some of their back catalogue? You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the band on Facebook for more information on them and the new album. Why not give them a like or follow too to stay up to date, either there or on the band’s Twitter or even both.


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The Venomous by Nightrage (The Venomous)
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