Single Slam – Sveablotet by Månegarm (Fornaldarsagor)

Sveablotet is the first single to be released from Viking metal band Månegarm’s incoming new album. That album is called Fornaldarsagor and it is due for release on the 26th of April via Napalm Records.

Swedish black metal/Viking metal band, Månegarm, have been around for a long time, forming as Antikrist in 1995 but changing their name to Månegarm a year later. With 8 albums under their belts pre this release, they are seasoned performers with a solid repustation so expectations are high for the new album, Fornaldarsagor. Their first since 2015’s self titled Månegarm. Månegarm are a 3 piece with Erik Grawsiö on vocals and bass, Markus Andé on guitars and Jacob Hallegren on drums.


Sveablotet is 5 and a half minutes long and starts with a building background riff. Within 15 seconds though this absolutely explodes into life with a devilish roar, an eruption of drums and a huge increase in volume. A lead guitar joins in playing a fast and heavy melodic line on top of the crunching riff and blasting drums.

The verses have a nice rumbling beat to them with harsh, almost chanted vocals. These change to a more typical growl while the lead guitar blazes out melody over the bass heavy riff. There is a really strong tempo, very much reminding me of early Amon Amarth. Songs like Cry of the Blackbird. We hit the chorus and while the riff and guitars hold the same tones, the drum pace calms a bit as cleanly sung, folk like vocals take over. This leads into a gentle acoustic melody designed purely to lure you in as within seconds it is suddenly replaced by more of the death styled riffing and vocals. As we progress  you really get a sense of the structural nuances Manegarm have applied. Sudden instrumentals, perfect transitions from steady rhythms to explosive. Layered vocals, melodic guitars, folk like choruses, black/death metal riffing and much more.

As the song closes you can really appreciate how much the band have managed to shoehorn in to this one song. Importantly though, while keeping it flowing and coherent. It is another fine example of band members working in unison with everything, every note, every beat, having its place. They have managed to capture a really exciting overall sound too. It is really well mixed and mastered. The production is absolutely top notch. Overall it is an exciting song that seems to cross between the heavier Viking metal band stylings with a little more folk in the choruses. Amon Amarth mixed with Wind Rose perhaps? Either way Sveablotet is a cracking song that will have you hooked in from the drop at around 20 seconds in. Great work. I am seriously looking forward to hearing more.

Check it out for yourself on all the usual streaming platforms now. You can preorder the album in assorted bundles over at Napalm Records from here. Find out more about Månegarm at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sveablotet by Månegarm (Fornaldarsagor)
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