Single Slam: Something More by Creature

Creature are a Newcastle band with Grunge, Punk and Noise Rock influences known for a loud and energetic live show with plenty of fuzz. Their influences including Mudhoney, Melvins, T. Rex, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains and Helmet.

Creature 2

They’ve been together just over a year with their current lineup and have had a lot of positive feedback on the local scene as well as from some major publications and events.

Some recent, notable live shows include supporting False Advertising, Fangclub, Otherkin, InHeaven, iDestroy, Vintage Carevan and Unleash The Archers.

Something More is their new single, due to be released on August 27th 2018.

From the word go, Creature establish themselves as a grunge band of the future. The dirty bass line, hefty groove to the guitar and soulful vocals making an immediate impression. Fans of grunge will feel right at home but that doesn’t mean those who aren’t will walk away displeased.

There is a haunted quality to the slightly tripped out rhythm but it also has a nice bit of energy to it too. When it picks up, the vocals shine but it’s the bass that really gets under the skin.

There isn’t much in the way of this classic grunge mixed with modern influences around in the main-stream of metal nowadays. Listening to Something More you cant help but think that this is because we’ve all been waiting for a band like Creature to come along and fill that void. On this song alone, they it is impossible to ignore them.

At just over 3 and a half minutes, the three-piece pack so much in here and it leaves you desperate for more. Especially with the abrupt ending.

The UK continues to prove to have one of the best rock and metal scenes in the world right now. Creature are a highlight and it’s time to get on board with them as they shoot towards the stars.

Check out their previously released song, Reborn below and pick up all their earlier releases over on Bandcamp. Help them out/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Instagram. Also while you’re at it, check out their YouTube Channel too for videos!



Something More by Creature
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