Single Slam – The Reason they Hate Me by Daughters (You Won’t Get What You Want)

American rockers, Daughters have released the second single from their new album, called The Reason They Hate Me. It will feature on their brand new album, You Won’t Get What You Want which is due out on the 26th of October via Ipecac Recordings.

Daughters had pretty much disappeared from the face of the planet after forming in 2002, releasing 3 albums and then calling it quits in 2009-2010. Though they officially reformed just a few years later, it was really in a diluted format with just a handful of shows played. No new music or plans for it, were in the works. In 2016, they finally announced plans to record a new album though again went silent until 2018. This time it became official with an announcement of them signing to Ipecac Recordings, the label formed by Greg Werckman and Mike Patton.

The Reason they Hate Me

Fast forward a few months and we have had a single out, have a release date and are on to their second single now. The first song was called Satan in the Wait and you can read all about that here.

Daughters, in 2018, are original members Alexis S.F. Marshall on vocals, Nicholas Andrew Sadler on guitars and Jon Syverson on drums. Joining just a few years after their original formation, on bass guitar is Samuel M. Walker.

The Reason They Hate Me is just under 4 minutes long and starts with a mid tempo, distorted riff and drum beat. The main riff and rhythm stays consistent throughout the whole song. It is very loosely played, very cymbal heavy and the drums have a nice rolling beat to them. Vocals come in and have a little bit of a snarl but are mostly delivered cleanly, though with attitude.

You get occasional chaotic moments from some quite out there guitar soloing. Often this amounts to screeches and squeals over the crashing, rolling riff. Generally, it is a bit more settled than Satan in the Wait. A little less chaotic with a more standard hard rock feel to it. There are moments of progressive material in their as well though, especially in the guitar line scraping away over the crashing drums.

Not bad, though not quite as catchy as the first single.

The Reason They Hate Me is available now on all the usual streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify. You can preorder a copy of You Won’t Get What You Want in many different formats from here. You can also grab some merch from the band, here. Find out more about Daughters at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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The Reason they Hate Me by Daughters (You Won't Get What You Want)
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