Single Slam: Runaway by Derange (Untitled Second Album)

Formed in 2012, alternative metal band Derange is made up of Cat Pereira (Vocals), Nick Crosby (Guitar), Joe Macpherson (Bass) and Joe Farrell (Drums).

Derange 2

They didn’t hang about getting their singles ‘Ego’ and ‘Unleash’ out receiving positive reviews.

Then in 2013, Derange would produce their acclaimed EP ‘Change’, featuring their single ‘Pretty Ones’. Throughout 2015, the band was hard at work bringing their debut album ‘The Awakening’ to fruition. It was released on October 5th 2015.

Since then they’ve toured the UK and Europe, played on Bloodstock Festival’s Sophie Lancaster Stage and HRH Metal at the beginning of 2017. Which brings us to now and the incoming, as yet untitled second album. Runaway is taken from this album and was released October 30th 2018.

There are a bunch of powerful riffs behind this track but what really stands out are the excellent vocals from Cat Pereira. Energetic and forceful but not overly dominating either. The hefty drumming and sharpened hooks really make their mark too. A catchy tune that shows off plenty of heaviness, inventiveness and style.

About the halfway point it drops away for a brief showcase of the vocals before building back up to a banging guitar solo. It’s pretty great and the kind of moment where, if you were hearing this on a speaker, you’d have to ask who this is so you could check them out yourself.

Not just a gloriously metal track, Derange have released a tongue-in-cheek slasher b-movie style video to go alongside it. Check that out below:

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