Single Slam: Prophecie by Goya

Proggy doom metal band Goya will release a brand new single entitled ‘Prophecie’ on March 8th 2019. You can read our review of their excellent last EP, Kathmandu here.

The post-rock three-piece recorded ‘Prophecie’ with Dan Rowley at Tremolo Studios, and it was mixed and mastered by Wayne Adams of Bear Bites Horse. This is the first of three singles the band plan to release throughout 2019. Culminating in an album of new material at the end of the year.

Prophecie 2

Jase Kester of the band said:

“we had an absolute blast recording this track, and after Wayne (Adams) had mastered it it sounded absolutely massive! We can’t wait to share more new music this year, and our thanks to everyone who listens to and supports us – there might be three singles out this year but we won’t put them on the album, that will be all new stuff.”

Prophecie 3

New Goya! Yes please!

Prophecie begins with really deep and uneasy bass. Before the drums pick up the beat and the rhythm guitar lightens the load. The pace increases, the track begins to transform and the bass loses dominance allowing for a cleaner sound to emerge. With no vocals, it’s up to the rhythm to keep things focused, something that is done expertly. Moving through passage after passage with ease. It never loses the core bass chug that begun the track but it’s been utterly transformed as the four minutes comes to a close.

Love it. Absolutely love it and as a sign of where Goya are at in 2019, fans can really relax. The rest of the year is looking very bright if this track is any indication of what we’re going to get from the following singles.

Prophecie 2

Prophecie by Goya
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