Single Slam – Poissa by Vermilia

Vermilia is a female musician from Finland who recently released her first single called Vedestä Vieraantunut. Vermilia has followed that up quickly with a second, this time called Poissa. Poissa translates into English as “Gone”.

Vermilia has a quite unique sound mixing pagan metal with sweet vocal harmonies on the first single. This second one promises to add even more heaviness into the mix with blast beats and plenty of harsher vocals too. If you are looking for creative, clever metal that stands out from the crowd, well, look no further then Vermilia.


Poissa is 3 minutes and 50 seconds long. It starts with some deathly roars over a fast beat and higher pitched guitar line. As far as intros go, it hooks you in quickly and instantly excites.  As the verse comes in the music moves into a chuggier, bassy riff with very dark sounding vocals and blasting drums. The chorus comes in and the vocals switch to hauntingly beautiful with a lead guitar that matches the flow of the singing.

It really sounds quite beautiful, but beauty tinged with sorrow. One of the really noticeable things about Poissa, as it progresses, is how many layers there are. This is especially noticed in the next phase where you get the first really obvious sense of the pagan style. Soothing singing, in a chant like style, is backed by ferocious and meaty growls all backed by fast drums and soaring guitar melody. It is an intense, beautiful and eerie sound that I could listen to for days.

More brutality comes in the second verse with blast beats, powerfully dark vocals and a strong bass line. An extended melodic section allows breath to be drawn before we are launched back into the mix of darkness and light, portrayed by the two vocal styles utilised. Poissa ends as it starts though, on the side of darkness with a section of heavy riffs and heavier drums.

Poissa is a fantastic song. Layer upon layer of clever melody mixed with layer upon layer of intense metal makes it a truly exciting listen. The contrast between beautiful and beastly with little middle ground is really enjoyable. The dual vocal style of hauntingly beautiful and terrifyingly harsh is aural candy. Instrumentally, the music ticks a load of boxes as well with some stand out drum rhythms and really cool guitar lines and melodies and all held together by a strong bass line. Poissa is a very exciting second release from Vermilia and I can’t wait for more.

Check it out below.

You can pick up this single, and the first from Vermilia at their Bandcamp page. Poissa is only available at the Bandcamp page but you can also grab the first single, Vedestä Vieraantunut, on the usual streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. Find out more about the talented Vermilia over at their Bandcamp page, on Facebook and on Twitter. Be sure to give them a like and follow while you are there.


Poissa by Vermilia
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