Album Review: Glassjaw – Material Control (Century Media Records)

It’s been 15 years since the last Glassjaw album, the seminal Worship & Tribute and 6 years since their last EP, 2011’s Coloring Book . A front-runner for the post-hardcore sound, a lot has happened since. Material Control was released on December 1st 2017 via Century Media.

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Out to make a statement, Glassjaw come out screaming, full throttle & barely take their foot off the gas. Material Control is a brutalising effort, one that feels jagged & sharp. The album brings crunching rhythm, huge hooks and a grimy guitar/bass combo that unsettles but is so engaging.

The rawness of opener New White Extremity gets the hardcore party started well before Shira opens up the tequila. The latter’s modern-day guitar riffing really sitting comfortably alongside the disorder.

The ugliness of Golgotha, Pompeii & Closer enters noise-rock territory, crashing drum beats & an energetic vocal attack. The highlights, as the band throw their all into making as much noise as possible with exciting hardcore-heavy results.

When Glassjaw do hang back & slow things down, it’s often where the album is found lacking the most. Strange Hours is nothing to get excited about & the title track is a bit of a waste of time, coming off like a garage jam session.

Minor complaints for an album that is a strong return for the hardcore legends. Early fans will feel right at home here but it’s not about nostalgia either. Glassjaw have crafted a great modern hardcore record.

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Glassjaw – Material Control Full Track Listing:

1. New White Extremity
2. Shira
3. Citizen
4. Golgotha
5. Strange Hours
6. Bastille Day
7. Pompeii
8. Bibleland 6
9. Closer
10. My Conscience Weighs a Ton
11. Material Control
12. Cut and Run

Check the album out for yourself via Apple Music below.

Glassjaw - Material Control (Century Media Records)
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