Single Slam: Party Ring by Penthouse

Your friendly neighbourhood rock & roll outfit, Penthouse are here to quench your guitar-solo/party-rock-anthem ridden thirst. The Kent five-piece have been ripping off your favourite ‘The Darkness’ riffs since 2016, when Zac Schulze and Liam Ponder joined fellow riff conjurers Matt Thom, Ben Schulze and Sam Shepherd in a quest to find the true meaning of rock & roll through the use of ‘guitarmonies’ and drinking a lot of those cheap Tesco Bier D’ors.

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Towards the end of 2017, the lads set about re-working their live set and writing their debut rock album. They began recording with Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios in Whitstable (Previously produced Gender Roles, Roam, Coldbones). After releasing two singles in true DIY fashion, the band took to the road in April 2018. Alongside fellow Kent riffers Eat Me. The band are currently sitting on two more new party rock bangers. The first of which, ‘Party Ring’, is set for release on Friday 30th November.



Speaking on the single drummer, Ben Schulze said, “I wrote the chorus in the shower, the place where I come up with most of my ideas for some reason.” He continues, “I wanted it to have a positive vibe and I think we captured that. It was mainly inspired by The Darkness – they have a lot of party sing-along bangers. It’s about going on tour and partying a fair bit when we’re away from home.”

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Party Ring is a song about their experiences partying around the world and the addictive nature of being on tour, and making sure the rock never stops.

It’s pop-rock at its finest…catchy and rhythmic all with a welcome British twang to the vocals! As Kent locals ourselves, it’s always exciting to see great music coming out of the Garden of England and with Party Ring, Penthouse certainly deliver.

The bouncy beat is one thing but the drum led “P-A-RTY, every day and every night” segment will put a silly smile on faces. The influences of the likes of Weezer and LIT is clear to see. Happily though, Penthouse do more than enough to make their own mark. On this single alone, we have good reason to be very excited for a full album release!

Party Ring will be available via all major digital platforms on November 30th 2018 including Bandcamp and Spotify. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking Penthouse’s Facebook Page, following them on Instagram and on Twitter.


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Party Ring by Penthouse
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