Album Review: Inoculated Life – Exist to Decay (Redefining Darkness Records)

Out on November 30th 2018 via Redefining Darkness Records, Exist to Decay is the new release from Denver, Colorado death metal/grind band Inoculated Life.

Their self-proclaimed battle cry has been “Fuck the police – Fuck the judicial system – Fuck the industrial meat and dairy industry,” and they continue with that theme on their newest offering.



A mix of crushing death metal heaviness and fast-paced grinding noise, this is the sound of horror personified. Across seven tracks Inoculated Life leave a smoking wasteland along their march to destruction.

The title track is a nightmare combination of guitar groove, guttural vocals and screeching feedback. Indignation is a sharp jab to the throat, just over a minute of bile-inducing grind that is powerful enough to turn stomachs.

Exist to Decay is only going to appeal to fans of this hyper level of noise-making. Even though the band show that they have more than just all out noise in the tank with the likes of Suffer and Abysmal Fixation. Both tracks show off a little more structure and an ability to keep all the crashing instruments tightly held together.

It’s this tightness that ultimately makes Exist to Decay a more memorable listen than your run of the mill heavy death-based release. The drums in particular are worthy of a mention as they crash around as if being played by someone with six arms. Just listen to Birthed in Purgatory to hear what I mean.

Inoculated 1

Inoculated Life – Exist to Decay Full Track Listing:

1. Exist to Decay
2. Birthed into Purgatory
3. Suffer
4. Indignation
5. Murderer’s Sky
6. Abysmal Fixation
7. Deteriorate

You can order the album now via Redefining Darkness Records here. Find out more by checking out Inoculated Life on Facebook.


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Inoculated Life - Exist to Decay (Redefining Darkness Records)
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