Single Slam: No Looking Down by Netherhall

Forming in 2015, Netherhall are a progressive alternative metal band from Birmingham, UK. 2017 marked the release of their first EP titled ‘Imacular’ which as received to great critical response from fans & media alike.

They’ve not rested since and 2019 has already proven to be a busy year! As well as debuting their new vocalist Matthew Preston at the Black Sabbath ceremony in Birmingham, they played HRH Metal in February at the 02 in Birmingham showing the rest of the Midlands and beyond what the ‘new look Netherhall’ has to offer.

Netherhall 2

Six minutes long, Netherhall’s No Looking Down is a moody and ominous metal track that alternates between mournful rhythm, crushing heaviness and incensed groove. The drum beat followed by the ringing out of guitars at the start immediately gets the body trembling before mournful vocals ring out. The latter is present throughout in the chorus but it’s the moments of fire that sees Netherhall erupt into feral heaviness that really excite.

The ups and downs of the track makes it difficult to settle down with it leaving a tense and on edge feeling. The troubling melodies work well though and the gun-fire finale of the vocals and guitars/drums lays out all we need to know about Netherhall going forward.

An interesting single, one that needs a couple of listens to really appreciate though. Once you really allow it to spread through you, you’ll discover a masterfully crafted track.



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No Looking Down by Netherhall
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