Single Slam: Limbless by Cadaver Soiree

Formed in Leeds, England in 2016, Cadaver Soiree play Death Metal in its purest form. Taking influence from the progenitors of the genre and placing emphasis on heaviness and memorable riffing, the band seek to keep the traditional sound of Death Metal alive.

Limbless 2

We’ve got to go back a bit to find the last time we covered Cadaver Soiree, all the way back to August 2017 were they released a three track demo called Demo 1. It was a great showcase of death metal ‘in its purest form’ and you can read our full review here.

A couple of years later and the death metal horror show is back with a new single entitled Limbless, taken from that demo.

The first thing of note across the four and a half minutes of crushing death metal that is Limbless is refined and up to date. A couple of years of plying their trade has clearly helped Cadaver Soiree develop into a monstrous beast and we are all the victims here.

They’ve not mellowed in the slightest, in fact they sound just as furious as ever. The thickness of the riffs and bellowing vocals combining to give it a really meaty sound. The tempo slowly increases as the guitars take more and more control leading to a more frantic second half and a screeching solo.

A brutal listen.

Head over to MSH Music Group to listen and download Limbless.

Limbless by Cadaver Soiree
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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