Single Slam – Letting You Go by Bullet for my Valentine (Gravity)

Bullet for My Valentine will release their 6th studio album called Gravity on the 29th of June via Spinefarm. In preparation for that new album, the Welsh rockers have released their third single. This is Letting You Go.

So two tracks from Gravity have dropped so far and while I was quite keen to hear new material from a band I have never been overly fond of, they have both been a little bit of a let down. First up was Over It, not a bad song but very clean and polished. That was followed by Piece of Me which has a good chorus and some decent breakdowns but dreary verses and too much sampling. Read more on those by following the links.

Gravity will be the band’s first studio release since 2015’s Venom and the gap ion between has seen them tweak their line-up and sign a new record deal with Spinefarm. Bullet for My Valentine in 2018 are Matthew Tuck on lead vocals and rhythm guitars. Michael Paget is on lead guitar and adds backing vocals. The bass is in the hands of Jamie Mathias while drums are with the newest member, Jason Bowld. Bowld replaced long term drummer Michael Thomas in 2017.

Letting You Go

So two okay tracks so far has left me lacking optimism for the third one, Letting You Go. At just over 3 and a half minutes long, Letting You Go has a slow melodic intro with a few quiet effects in the background. The vocals come in clean and soft for the first verse which is just vocals over that melodic guitar tone. It kicks in a bit with the introduction of the drums and a crunchier riff as the vocals raise to almost a shout. There is quite a catchy hook but again it feels really clean and highly polished.

The track threatens to go back to the clean tone of the start but instead we get a pretty cool drum beat that adds a bit more bite to the song. Ther eis a nice meaty riff in the chorus as the lyrics focus on what sounds like a destructive relationship. There is a bit of a breakdown but it lacks any really power. A quick slow down comes and then we jump back into the chorus but with a higher guitar line in the background. One final chorus repeats and you get a background metal shout or two which are the only ones on the whole track.

Letting You Go is a catchy enough track. The slow intro is dull but there is a nice beat once it kicks in. Highly polished, yes, but that is their sound so should be expected. It kind of feels a little like a Linkin Park track at times but also occasionally feels very generic. I don’t want to be too harsh on it. It isn’t a bad song. It isn’t a great one either but again I imagine their army of fans will be very pleased while the rest of us will hear just another Bullet For My Valentine track.

You can pick up Letting You Go at all the usual streaming services now, like Apple Music and Spotify. Head over to YouTube if you want to see the videos for the previous singles, Over It and Piece of Me. You can preorder Gravity from BFMV here. Keep up to date with news and release info from the band at their website, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Letting You Go by Bullet for my Valentine (Gravity)
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