Single Slam: I’m Glad I Have Eyes by Ill-Informed

Hailing from the South-East of England, Ill-Informed are a four-piece punk/noise metal band due to release a brand new track called ‘I’m Glad I Have Eyes’. It features Zac Jackson of El Moono and will be released on June 28th 2019.

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It’s a short offering at just a minute and a half but it packs in a hell of a lot in that short time and packs a hell of a punch. Not just a punk ethos, this four-piece spit fire with a surprising amount of heaviness.

A fast paced track, the metal ferocity is matched only by the punky vocals that shout and snarl ‘I don’t think you know…’. It’s dirty, grimy and sweaty but most importantly it’s bloody great.

Defiantly in your face, on this one track alone it is easy to tell that Ill-Informed are a force and will be an absolute sight live. We see a lot of exciting promise with this noisy lot!

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I'm Glad I Have Eyes by Ill-Informed
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