News – Necronautical announce new album Apotheosis – Listen to new track – Nihil Sub Sole Novum – now!

UK black-metal outfit Necronautical have announced details of their latest offering, new album Apotheosis. Apotheosis is set for release on 30th August through world-renowned extreme metal label Candlelight Records.  

The album was recorded, mixed & mastered by British producer Chris Fielding (Winterfylleth, Witchsorrow, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard) at Skyhammer Studio.  Adorned by the foreboding artwork of David Thiérrée (Behemoth, Gorgoroth), Apotheosis serves as a sonic epitaph to the human experiences of hope and faith. It details a melancholic journey through an empty and brutal existence, taking inspiration from the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Chuck Palanuik and Neil Gaiman.

 Nihil Sub Sole Novum is the first single to be shared from Apotheosis with the band adding:

 “We feel that this song acts as a perfect microcosm for the direction of the album and of Necronautical itself: a relentless combination of punishing riffs and melancholic euphoria. The title translates as “nothing new under the sun”, directly challenging the conclusion of Ecclesiastes 1:9, and instead seeking to elevate the bleak and repetitive nature of life and humanity to the dais reserved for its gods. The song draws on the concepts of anamnesis and of a mythical pre-human golden age, and asks if such rediscovered knowledge can break the monotony of existence.”    

Check it out below –

Necronautical, literally meaning “relating to the exploration of death”, was initially formed as a recording only project in 2014 by founders Naut, Carcarrion and Anchorite. The trio recorded, produced and released their debut album, Black Sea Misanthropy, that same year. The album received high praise from listeners and critics alike. It quickly established Necronautical as one of the most promising and unique projects in the UK’s flourishing Black Metal scene. The album caught the attention of the newly resurrected Cacophonous Records, who signed Necronautical for the release of their second album. 

The trio recruited Slugh on drums in 2015 and set about preparing for their first live performances, as well as recording their sophomore album. Necronautical released The Endurance at Night in 2016, along with a video for the single ‘Nihilartikel’. Marking a vast expansion upon the band’s sound, concept and vision, the album received great critical acclaim. It saw the band featured in magazines such as Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and Powerplay, among many others.

Necronautical made their live debut opening for Dark Funeral at London’s Underworld in 2016. Quickly gaining a loyal following from their immersive live performances, the band went on to play many concerts nationwide. They were then invited to join Winterfylleth, Wiegedood and Fen for a 14 date tour of Europe and the United Kingdom in 2017. Necronautical kicked off their live calendar in 2018 by performing at Inferno Festival in Norway. They also appeared at Mammothfest, Incineration Festival, and the Blackwood Gathering.


 Necronautical are Naut on vocals and guitar. Also on guitar is Carcarrion. Anchorite is on bass and vocals while Slugh is on the drums.

Preorder Apotheosis now from here in a range of formats. 

You can catch Necronautical out on tour at the following venues and dates.

11.07.2019 – Outpost, Liverpool w/ The Infernal Sea, Burial, Ba’al
12.07.2019 – Alberts, Nottingham w/ The Infernal Sea, Burial
13.07.2019 – Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham w/ The Infernal Sea, Shadowflag, Wolvencrown, Crimson Throne
14.07.2019 – Fulford Arms, York w/ The Infernal Sea, Ante-Inferno, Burial
25.07.2019 – Beermageddon Festival, Bromsgrove, UK
11.10.2019 – Rebellion, Manchester w/ Sojouner & Havukruunu


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