Single Slam: I Want to Believe by IWKC

IWKC are an instrumental rock band from Moscow, Russia. The current line-up tends to perform well composed and arranged, completely instrumental, playful and melodic form of music with certain influences of neo-classic, art-rock, neo-psychedelia, and post-rock trends.

They released the single, I Want to Believe (a tribute to the classic sci-fi show, The X-Files) on December 29th 2018 via addicted label BNiL. As well as that track, we also get a b-side called Dark Forest.

I Want to Believe is especially interesting to anyone who grew up watching the show it pays tribute to. The X-Files campy sci-fi edge is embodied wonderfully here. This track sounding as if it could have been pulled from an episode with its synth/instrumental rock fusion. An exceptionally good idea and envisioned wonderfully by IWKC.

The second track, Dark Forest is certainly a bit different but also has a sound that is reminiscent of a cult TV show, this time Twin Peaks. Thanks to the haunting echo of the guitars and sombre yet airy synth. While this might not have been the aim for IWKC with this second track, it fits so well it can’t have been an accident. It’s a lovely track and as an accompaniment to I Want to Believe, works brilliantly.


IWKC – I Want to Believe Full Track Listing:

1. I Want to Believe
2. Dark Forest



Pick up the single now via Bandcamp and find out more about IWKC on Facebook.


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I Want to Believe by IWKC
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