Great, Non-Mainstream Bands to See After Pandemic – Pt 1: Nothing But Thieves

Written by Zack Hargrove.

Whether after the quarantine concert venues will be packed or have very limited number of audience members, we will have plenty of new music once the quarantine measures will start to drop off.

Right now, there are plenty of great bands who are starving to play live. Thus, even the most boring to watch musicians may start to jump up and down when things will get back to normal.
Nonetheless, it will take time for everyone to get back on the road. And until every major band gets back on stage, there will be plenty of overlooked groups who will do it right away. Bands that never had a goal to become the most popular act in the world and for the most part decided to concentrate strictly on music and live performance.

In this segment we will review the bands who made names for themselves with their preferences to play every show as it was the last one before the lockdown and the first after it is over. So, when it is over, we remembered which one of relatively “unheard” and non-mainstream bands it is better to go see live first.

Nothing But Thieves

Genre: alternative rock, indie rock

Audience that will appreciate their show: singles, couples, anyone who wants to be surprised with awesomeness of simple songs.

This alternative band from Southend-on-Sea, Essex established itself as a unit of talented, classic/modern rock-oriented musicians who are capable of writing catchy, yet non-cringy songs and delivering them like ideal holiday cupcakes to the birthday party of a complete perfectionist.

NBT have never really taken a big break from their musical and touring routine and have been very active since the year of their formation (2012). In 8 years of their existence they haven’t had a single band member replacement, which is pretty rare for any band at any time.

Nevertheless, you rarely hear their name mentioned in conversations about most popular bands of the present era or past decade. NBT did not become mainstream for number of reasons. The main one’s are the following:

• they are not scandalous
• their sound is not innovative
• they don’t practice collaborations

It all comes down to their complete focus on music and desire to play live. Which is probably their biggest factor in becoming popular.

According to, since 2013 NBT have played 325 shows. And whether it is a festival or a solo concert they always followed the principles of legit professionalism in terms of their sound and performance.

As a live band they are one of those musicians who pay extreme amounts of attention to the quality of everything. Although they are not a progressive rock band and their music is far from sounding complicated and experimental, they still play their songs as tight as a computer program and leave no space for technical or mechanical mistakes.

Conor Mason copes with vocals just the same way he sings in the studio if not better. His ability to hold a long, powerful and high note often serves as a good reason for thundering loud screams and ovations by the audience. And the rest of the guys play compositions just like they were recorded (with some instrumental additions in the beginning or in the end of some of the songs).

Their concerts are not the place for people who like to mosh pit or slam dance. Attempts to start one will not be welcomed by their fans and will not be ignored, since the image of the band has nothing to do with violence. Subject matter of their songs are relationships, loneliness, romances and everything in between. Yet, NBT prefer to deliver the message with a lot of energy, which makes their live songs sound more powerful and edgy.

So, if you are into loud, melodic, non-aggressive concert going – Nothing But Thieves definitely deserve you band of choice.

About the Author:

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