Single Slam – Hornet’s Nest by Power Trip

American thrashers, Power Trip, are busy working on a new album and have released a single to tide us over until then. This is Hornet’s Nest.

There are no details on the new album yet, other than it is being worked on. This single, Hornet’s Nest, was originally released as part of the Adult Swim Singles Collection but now gets the full Power Trip release treatment.

Power Trip latest full release was 2017’s Nightmare Logic. An album that really propelled the band to the forefront of current thrash. Power Trip are a 5 piece with Riley Gale on vocals and Chris Ulsh on drums. Guitars are with Blake “Ibanez” Rossover and Nick Stewart. Chris Whetzel is on the bass.

Hornet's Nest Power Trip

Hornet’s Nest is just over 4 and a half minutes long and is a pretty typical Power Trip song. Fast and heavy, full of power and menace. The riff is nice and simple, offering plenty to head-bang along to. The drums are strong with plenty of speed and a thick bass line gives a nice low, dirty tone. A few little moments of squealing lead guitar soloing breaks the song up nicely. Vocals are strong enough, menacing shouts with plenty of raw aggression.

The first half of the song is good but nothing special offering strong riffs and drums but nothing new. The second half is more enjoyable as we head into a few instrumental breakdowns and grooving sections. The first of these is wicked with a really low chug that forces your neck muscles into action. It ends into a shouted section before carrying on the instrumental part with a nice bass rhythm and some higher squealing guitars. This builds up in pace until we are back up to the riff from the start through to the end.

Hornet’s Nest is a strong song. A really punchy old school sounding thrash song with little to fault if you like old school thrash. The drums are excellent and I love the drop into the grooving rhythm near the end. The squealing lead guitars certainly have a bit of Slayer about them but it’s unlikely you are in a modern thrash band without being a little influenced by Slayer. It’s a strong song but it will be interesting to see if they have any new cards up their sleeves when we start hearing more from the new album.

Hornet’s Nest is available now on all the usual streaming platforms.

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Hornet’s Nest by Power Trip
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