Single Slam – Great War by Sabaton (The Great War)

Swedish power metallers, Sabaton, are back with the third single from their upcoming new album The Great War. This track is the almost title track, Great War.

The Great War will be released on the 19th of July via Nuclear Blast Records. As you can probably guess from the name, it is a concept album dealing with The Great War otherwise known as World War I. The Great War will be the band’s 9th studio album. It follows their 2016 release, The Last Stand. You can read our thoughts on that release here.

We had been waiting excitedly for a first taste of new music, especially since hearing they will be a headliner at the 2019 edition of Bloodstock Festival. We got that with the first single release, Fields of Verdun. A decent track but not mind blowing. Read about that one here. Sandwiched in between Fields of Verdun and their second single, The Red Baron, we did get another, non album, single released in Bismarck. Read about that one here. That one is mind blowing. You can read about The Red Baron here. It is another cracking track.

Great War

Sabaton are fronted by Joakim Brodén, on vocals and keys with Pär Sundström on the bass. Chris Rörland is on guitars with Hannes van Dahl on drums and Tommy Johansson also on guitars. All members also provide backing vocals.

Great War is around 4 and a half minutes in length and is another very good song. Yes, it is very typical of the band but again, this is Sabaton’s style and when they hit the mark, they are brilliant. The drums have intense power to them and the guitars are phenomenal. Some of the riffs, simplistic as they are, are just perfect for the metal fan looking to bang their heads and throw fists in their. Lyrically the song is emotional and does justice to the conflict. Joakim has a nice, darker edge to his vocals at the start before bursting into a more familiar tone for the very catchy chorus.

The solo is amazing, the stop start moments, made for pyro sound brilliant. It is just a very well put together song that hooks you in. You quickly find the chorus stuck in your head on repeat. There is also a great official video, visible below. It shows the band planning a live performance, creating their unique sets and then the performance as well. Expect a jaw dropping display of fire, flame, costumes and energy. Very impressive.

So three singles in and things are looking really promising for Sabaton’s The Great War. I don’t love Fields of Verdun but The Red Baron and Great War are both fantastic tracks. Lyrically they tell the story of the conflict well. The guitars blaze out riffs and solos and the rhythm section has insane power to both the drums and the bass. Joakim sounds like a man riding high on confidence. Sabaton are on the verge of taking over the world and The Great War may just be the tipping point.

You can grab a copy of Great War now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can preorder a copy of The Great War from Sabaton and Nuclear Blast here.


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Great War by Sabaton (The Great War)
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