Album Review: 3Teeth – Metawar (Century Media Records)

Los Angeles-based industrial metal outfit 3Teeth will release their brand new album, Metawar on July 5th 2019 via Red Music.

Metawar 2

Frontman Alexis Mincolla said:

If our debut album was focused on man vs. the world, and our sophomore album was man vs. himself, then I really wanted to ‘Metawar’ to focus on the idea of world vs world, and the notion that if man doesn’t create his own world then he’s often crushed by the world of another.

This album is meant to be sonic attack on the wide scale perception management systems that currently grip our respective worlds. It’s a sort of counter-measure in the invisible silicon war of ideology that is constantly moving avatar pawns on the battleground of our large-scale prosthetic digital nervous system. Thematically, it’s centered largely around concepts of accelerationism and the political heresy of inviting the end as an opportunity as a fresh start. ‘Metawar’ is here to tear down the walls of our memetic concentration camps.

Playing a dirty and sleazy kind of groove metal, 3Teeth certainly have a lot in common with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Ministry and more. The album is heavy on the percussion, highlighted early on with Affluenza and Exxxit. Very infectious and catchy, both are floor fillers that exude sexiness while still being rooted in the heavy stuff.

It’s the recently released single, American Landfill next. Immediately clear just why this one was chosen as its slower tempo is that little more intense and the sleazy vocals take on a more threatening tone. It’s the same for Altær, which offsets the encouragingly evil vocals with deep cuts of guitar groove.

The booming percussion continues into Time Slave and Bornless before Surrender gets down and dirty once more. The least appealing of these tracks so far though, simply by being a little lifeless.

It’s a momentary dip as Sell Your Face 2.0 comes back with scowling, aggressive force but even this is short-lived. Unfortunately it’s hard to get too excited about Blackout and The Fall, both fairly bland sounding and suggesting the album might have run out of steam.

With that in mind, it is nice to see them go out with a synthy bang with Pumped Up Kicks. It’s not perfect but it’s a fine finish.


3Teeth – Metawar Full Track Listing:

1. Hyperstition
2. Affluenza
3. Exxxit
4. American Landfill
5. President X
6. Altær
7. Time Slave
8. Bornless
9. Surrender
10. Sell Your Face 2.0
11. Blackout
12. The Fall
13. Pumped Up Kicks


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3Teeth – Metawar (Century Media Records)
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