Single Slam – Gemini by Learn to Lie

Formed in Dec 2017, Learn to Lie are a 4-piece alt-rock band that combine complex rhythms and grooving riffs with clean, powerful vocals to create a distinctive, genre-blending sound. Established within the Staffordshire and Midlands circuit, Learn to Lie pride themselves on energetic and dynamic live performances and accessible songs that sit between metal and pop.

They recently released a brand new song entitled ‘Gemini’.

In their own words:

Gemini is essentially a soliloquy detailing the acceptance of the ‘dark side’ to one’s personality. The metaphorical maze discussed within the lyrics depicts the character’s internal struggle between light and darkness, which is also highlighted by the dynamic variations between verses. As the song quickly fades from epic crescendo, the listener is left with the haunting question…which side will consume the other?

The opening guitar melodies is particularly haunting and when the vocals and drums arrive, they complement the mellowness in lovely fashion. It builds upwards to a genuinely thrilling alt-rock sound, the harder impact of the instruments leaving their mark.

The underlaying sombre melody isn’t without hope and although the song gets darker and darker as it goes on, it still leaves such a reflective feeling. This is a track that will make you think and feel and then most importantly hit play again once it finishes.


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Gemini by Learn to Lie
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