Single Slam: Deceiver by Mallavora

As featured on Planet Rock and BBC Introducing, Mallavora are a four-piece British rock band bringing heavy rock music back to young people in an inclusive space.

Mallavora released Ego, the first single off their debut EP, in March. Ego was their best performing track to date with 50,000 listens in its premier week, catching the attention of prominent YouTuber ‘Sina-Drums’ who posted a cover of the track’s drum sequence to her channel.

The second addition to Mallavora’s debut EP is Deceiver, a single exposing the darker roots of the band. Taking influence from the likes of KoЯn and Mastodon alongside the band’s distinctive heavy groove and soaring vocal melodies, Deceiver explores the theme of domestic abuse. The lyrics depict someone trapped by toxic love, senselessly tortured by its duality. Anguish in armour: the track pulls between gloomy verse and overwhelming chorus, before a steep escalation to an intense finish.

Deceiver was released on 26th April 2020, followed by the music video on 3rd May.

Heavy groove is the right words as Deceiver kicks straight in with filthy sounding heaviness. A start to shake the cobwebs out and followed up by a constant vein of thick guitar riffs and bass lines throughout. Complimented by a set of impressive vocals; clean, clear and soaring as though they should be fronting a symphonic metal band!

That’s not the case though and instead fit alongside Mallavora’s impressive meaty metal sound perfectly. 3-odd minutes long, this is a track that will get many, many repeated plays.


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Deceiver by Mallavora
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