Single Slam: From Hell by Casket Robbery

Midwest Death Machine Casket Robbery will release their new single “From Hell” on July 12th 2019.

Vocalist Megan Orvold had this to say about the single and video:

From Hell was inspired by the gruesome slayings in London by Jack The Ripper in 1888. Lyrically we tried to keep it pretty ‘classic’ Casket, very dark and tongue-in-cheek. My favorite lyric is ‘fried her kidney in a pan (yum yum), sent half, signed catch me when you can’. We also really wanted to get our amazing fans involved so we ran a contest where they could send in their best evil laugh. We actually layered them all together into different parts of the song, it was a blast! We are super excited to have Chris Collier mix and master this song, he did a fantastic job bringing this to life. For the video, we were very lucky to work with Eddie Curran of Enterprise Films. This was our first time working with him and his enthusiasm and energy for this video really came through. We’re very proud of the artwork that we will unveil later on for the single as well and we have a bunch of Midwest dates coming up. We can’t wait to see you on the road!

Casket 2

As fast, heavy and groove based as this 3-odd minute track is from the metal machine that is Casket Robbery, it’s not lacking in melody either. It’s a track that has an incredible amount of head-banging groove, the kind that will decimate a pit as only death metal can. However, layered amongst the fire and fury is the kind of melodic leads that take a good metal track and turn it into a great metal track.

A raging cesspit of noise, this isn’t one to be missed by any stretch!


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From Hell by Casket Robbery
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