Album Review: Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado (Everlasting Spew Records)

Sweden masters of thrashing grindcore are finally back with the first album in over a decade!

Formed in Växjö in 1992, Birdflesh is one of the craziest and long lasting grindcore acts around. Their take on grindcore is filled with strong thrashy influences, wacky lyrics and a funny atmosphere overall.

Birdflesh 2

Over the years the band released a huge amount of music, consisting in 4 full length albums and countless Demos, Splits and EPs, but being so prolific has never been an issue for Birdflesh as their material was, and is, always above the bar.

As they gained the status of “cult band” in the grincore scene, the live activity took the band on the greatest stages for extreme metal, such as Obscene Extreme Festival, Maryland Deathfest, Neurotic Deathfest and many more.

There is nothing in this world like Birdflesh. Extreme Graveyard Tornado is out on June 28th 2019 via Everlasting Spew Records.

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Make grind fun, that seems to be the mantra for Birdflesh and bloody hell, do they nail it on Extreme Graveyard Tornado. 24 tracks of utter noise with the longest being 2:11 and the shortest coming in at 7 seconds. Yes, it’s that kind of grind album with plenty of short blasts to the head and lengthier slabs of utter intensity.

Yet, no matter the length, Birdflesh entertain with their no frills approach to metal and the album just flies by in a blur of disgusting guitars, bruising drums and guttural vocals. It’s fun thanks to the tongue in cheek approach Birdflesh have. Just check out tracks like Are We Great Again? Guacamolestation Of The Tacorpse, Botox Buttocks, Pub Night and Garlic Man.

However, that doesn’t make them a joke band. Far from it as their style of filth-covered grind is impressively addictive. Clean and clear, Birdflesh batter away at the senses and tracks like Towards Insanity, Mikshake is Nice, House Guest, Black Hole Jaw and The Rise of Stupidity are just awesome.

Birdflesh 1

Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado Full Track Listing:

1. Towards Insanity
2. Are We Great Again?
3. Crazy Train Decapitation
4. Grind Band
5. Home Of The Grave
6. Milkshake Is Nice
7. Another Pig
8. Guacamolestation Of The Tacorpse
9. Crazyful Face
10. Thank You For The Hostility
11. Crazy Nights
12. Botox Buttocks
13. House Guest
14. Accused Of Suicide
15. Back Hole Jaw
16. Amish Girl
17. The Rise Of Stupidity
18. Pub Night
19. Pyromaniacs
20. Bite The Mullet
21. Almost Aggression
22. Garlic Man
23. Mouth For Gore
24. Land Of Forgotten Riffs




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Birdflesh - Extreme Graveyard Tornado (Everlasting Spew Records)
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