Single Slam – Fire God and Fear by Rotting Christ (The Heretics)

On the fourth day of Christmas, Rotting Christ gave to me, a new single called Fire God and Fear. Okay, not quite Christmas and not exactly in the “Christmas Spirit” but new music from Rotting Christ is way more exciting.

The excellent black/death metallers have a 13th studio album coming out on the 15th of February next year called The Heretics on Season of Mist. Fire God and Fear is the first single from that and it is absolutely brilliant. We shouldn’t be surprised. Rotting Christ are one of the more consistent black/death bands out there since their formation way back in the late 80’s. The backbone of that original line-up is still there today. Perhaps that goes a way to explaining their consistency.

Fire God and Fear

On lead vocals, rhythm guitars and keys we have Sakis Tolis and on drums, his brother Themmis Tolis. Both original founding members. They are joined by lead guitarist, George Emmanuel and bassist, Vagelis Karzis who both joined in 2012. Being such a multi layered band, all members add backing vocals as well. On to the new music then.

Fire God and Fear has a sombre and atmospheric start with a little dark, spoken word before a crunch of guitars comes in. The riff is thick and dark, soon joined by a thunderstorm of drums. Vocals are eerie and sinister, joining the riff to create a sound liable to bring forth the devil himself. Demonic chants add another layer to the already multi-layered song. An orchestral slow down brings more of the choir like singing before the lead guitar starts hammering out a wicked solo. Sitting over the deep, bass heavy riff, this is nigh on metal perfection. Even more so when the drum speed changes from booming thunder to machine gun blasts. Wow.

What a song, Fire God and Fear is. Damn. Rotting Christ bring their “A” game with a dark, black, death metal song that is up there with the best songs I have listened to this whole year. Dark, sombre, powerful, engaging, Fire God and Fear is intense and amazing showing, once again, that Rotting Christ stand head and shoulders above much of the rest.

Grab a copy of Fire God and Fear at all the usual streaming platforms now. Preorder a copy of The Heretics now at Season of Mist by following the link. Keep up to date with Rotting Christ news at their website and on Facebook and keep a watch out for more from the new album. It is shaping up to be a banger.

Rotting Christ have also been announced as the Thursday night headliner as 2019’s Bloodstock Festival. You won’t want to miss that! Grab your tickets from here.


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Fire God and Fear by Rotting Christ (The Heretics)
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