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British metalcore band, Architects, have released a new single called Doomsday via Epitaph Records. It came out on the 6th of September. Rather than being a single signalling an incoming album, Doomsday was an unfinished track that they have now completed.

 Architects are vocalist Sam Carter, drummer Dan Searle, bassist Alex Dean, guitarist Adam Christianson and guitarist Josh Middleton. Josh Middleton is also the lead guitarist/vocalist in the band Sylosis.


Architects have released seven studio albums so far with the last being 2016’s All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. It is currently unclear as to whether there will be any further releases though it looks likely. The reason for that uncertainty is the sad death of Dan Searle’s brother and lead guitarist, Tom Searle.

Tom had been battling with  melanoma skin cancer for three years and passed away in August 2016. It is hard to imagine how difficult it must be for a band to lose a member but even harder when he is your brother.

On to Doomsday and Dan Searle introduced it via the following tweet – “Doomsday was a song that Tom had started but never got to finish. Completing it for him was a massive responsibility. I hope you all enjoy x”


Doomsday is just over 4 minutes long and to be brutally honest, is a pretty average song. It is elevated  really by the meaning and feeling behind it which will especially resonate with long term fans of the band. That isn’t to say there is anything that is particularly wrong with it. It is just a bit samey. It follows the structure and framework you would expect from a metalcore song. A fade up intro, heavy riff, slow and clean vocals in the verse, heavier vocals in the chorus all leading to a bit of a breakdown near the end.

It is perfectly fine, as a structure, and if you already like metalcore, it will be both familiar and comfortable. It is played well. The riff is fine and the drums sound really strong. Vocally, Sam is great and has a really good voice whether shouting or singing. is a catchy chorus. I guess the thing to keep in mind with Doomsday is that the band were finishing it off for Tom. I know I find it to be metalcore by numbers but I understand completely that this was not the track to start experimenting on. Future tracks are for that. This was in memory of what Tom had started. So, while I find it to be a bit unimaginative, I get why. It must have been really tough to do so you have to have huge respect for this track even existing.

You can check out Doomsday for yourself here. Doomsday is available now through all the usual streaming sites like Spotify, Google Play and iTunes. You can also pick up this track, and more from Architects at the links below. Keep track of the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more news on them and new music. Be sure to give them a like and a follow while you are there.

Architects are also on tour in early 2018 with the excellent While She Sleeps – check out the tour poster for that below –


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Doomsday by Architects
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