Single Slam – Death: Journey’s End by Tragacanth (The Journey of a Man)

Tragacanth are a technical, black, death metal band from Holland who will release a new album on the 15th July via Pest Records. In advance of this, they have just released the first single from this album. The single is called Death: Journey’s End.

As well as being a black/death metal band, Tragacanth are heavily influenced by symphonic metal too. They, at least until now, deal in concept albums. Long winding tales of ancient Babylonian times. Their first album saw them deal with tales and legends from the Far East with Anthology of the East. This time round they are off to Greece.

Tragacanth are Terry Stooker on vocals with Erik Brouwer and Adrian Neagoe on guitars. Mark Oosterbaan is on the bass while drums are with Jasper van Minnen.

Journey's End

Speaking about the new album, Tragacanth said –

“It’s no secret our upcoming album Journey of a Man is a personal one. From the mystical, enigmatic Far East covered in Anthology of the East, this time we travel to Ancient Greek times where a young man finds out he is to perish soon. Wandering the complex maze of emotions and disease running through his veins, Journey of a Man tells the tale of his downward spiral into the abyss. With Moirai awaiting his final demise, a mind crippled with melancholy and his body traveling down the river Styx, his spirit is finally released. The final song of the album, Death: Journey’s End, serves as his requiem”.

Death: Journey’s end is over 6 and a half minutes long and starts with a little folkish, woodwind sound. The symphonic part of the band really shines brightly in the early section. There is orchestral backing mixed with drawn out guitar notes and drums that start to slowly build. Powerful harsh vocals growl over the top creating an interesting mix of styles. It breaks down into a bit of a messy riff before a solo comes in over the top. Journey’s End is a song of many sections as we move into a faster death metal tinted part with blasting drums and a strong riff.

This switches back into the heavy but more melodic verses with multi toned black metal vocals over the top. There are a lot of instrumental sections which sound great. Big guitar sounds, mixed speed drumming and occasional backing to add more of the symphonic edge. As the song nears an end, and the journey comes close to completion, it slows down dramatically into throaty, almost spoken vocals. It is a morose and intriguing close with the deep vocals spoken over the big instrumental through to close.

Check it out –

I like it. Death: Journey’s End is well constructed and exciting to listen to. The concept comes across and you do feel like you are on a journey, a painful, sad and depressive one, but still a journey. Obviously that concept is likely to come across even better when you listen to the whole album but it still works as a stand alone track. Very interesting and I am excited to hear more when the album gets released.

You can also watch it on YouTube here. Find out more on Tragacanth at their website, on Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to give them a like or follow and share the video.

Death: Journey's End by Tragacanth (The Journey of a Man)
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