Single Slam: Darkside by Blink 182 (Nine)

The latest release from Blink 182’s new upcoming studio album, Nine is called Darkside.

A person could have been stuck in a cave for the last 15 years and I’m 99% sure you could play this song to them and they’ed know exactly who it was.

Although explaining the line-up situation might take a while. Longer then this actual track is at 3:01. Chances are it would be less repetitive too. Bog standard verses and catchy choruses, it’s the Blink 182 way. Many times it works great, other times you get tracks like Darkside.

Nothing fundamentally wrong with it, it’s just an ok track and harks back to an older Blink 182 sound. Which seems to be the theme of the album as a whole. Success is almost guaranteed and tracks like this won’t do any harm when it comes to radio play.

I just wish there was a reason to get excited about this new Blink album. Darkside is not it.

Darkside by Blink 182 (Nine)
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