Single Slam – Brimstone by Whitechapel (The Valley)

American deathcore band, Whitechapel, have released a new single called Brimstone. Brimstone will feature on the band’s new album, The Valley. The Valley is due to be released on the 29th of March next year via Metal Blade Records.


The Valley will be the band’s 7th full length. It follows the well received Mark of the Blade which came out in 2016. Whitechapel are a 5 piece though with a 6th live member on drums. They are fronted by vocalist Phil Bozeman with Ben Savage on lead guitars and Alex Wade on rhythm. Gabe Crisp is on the bass and all four members have been part of the band since it’s formation in 2006.  Joining shortly after their formation, in 2007, also on guitars is Zach Householder. The live member, on the drums since 2017 is Ernie Iniguez who replaces Ben Harclerode.

You can check out Brimstone below –

Brimstone is 3 and half minutes of fire and fury. A chunky riff with blasting drums set’s the scene. This gives way to a low toned, slowed down beast of a section designed to make you bang your heads. The vocals are rough and unclean with multiple layers to them. The layers carry slightly different tones making for a special harmonised sound. Verses keep the slow chug running through them before the chorus sees the pace upped. Speedy drums and deathly roars pretty much make up the chorus.

After the second chorus a little lead melody starts to permeate what has been a very dark song so far. This leads straight back into the thick but layered tone of the start of the song to close. A solid, but unspectacular track that is bound to please fans of the band and genre. It is dark, heavy and they sound like they mean it. And they do.

The album title references Hardin Valley, where singer Phil Bozeman grew up. He endured a lot of hardship as a child and the album, and Brimstone, are based around that, as guitarist Alex Wade explains –

“Phil has been upfront in his lyrics in the past about hardships he endured in his life as a child, and I believe with this record we tried to paint a better picture of that. I feel our music is Phil’s release from his past, being able to get it out and speak about it, and hopefully anyone who hears it that may have gone through similar experiences can find some release in it, as well.”

You can grab a copy of Brimstone at any of the usual streaming services. Preorder The Valley from Metal Blade, here. Keep up to date with Whitechapel news at their website, on Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook by following the links and clicking “follow”.


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Brimstone by Whitechapel (The Valley)
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